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PRODUCT Machine learning features expanded. - The R52 software with new features to support the use of machine learning innovation in process manufacturing organizations has been announced by Seeq Corporation. These features enable organizations to deploy their own or third-party machine learning algorithms into the advanced analytics applications used by front line process engineers and subject matter experts, thus scaling the efforts of a single data scientist to many front-line OT employees.

PRODUCT Food grade pushbuttons. - The popular Series 82 family of pushbutton switches has been expanded by EAO Ltd with the introduction of a new 22mm mount device manufactured in food grade SUS 316L stainless steel and Tritan light-grade plastic.

Mary Ramsey
Laser Components USA has appointed Matt Robinson as their new General Manager and COO.

PRODUCT Assure power quality! - Power quality assurance is now available in small format in Camille Bauer's LINAX PQ1000 which measures power quality for industrial requirements according to class S.

APPLICATION Celebrating clean air! - Clean Air Day (17th June) was marked by hundreds of events across Great Britain. For example, Fife Council and sustainability consultancy, Ricardo, have provided three Scottish classes with education packs that enable children to conduct air quality monitoring in order to better understand the issue. Each pack contains a nitrogen dioxide monitoring device that has been developed by Alphasense.

PRODUCT Safety monitoring. - 3D safety systems are a good option for reliably monitoring danger zones. They present a safe alternative, even in harsh environments where e.g. sparks, dirt and dust occur. They are therefore also a solution for applications where previously optical sensors were unable to provide a reliable answer. For over 50 years, Leuze as a high tech company and pioneer in the field of optical sensors has repeatedly set new technological milestones and standards on the market.

PRODUCT Ensuring clean air! - HMS Networks has launched a new IR-based Intesis® AC interface that enables integration of any Air Conditioning unit, regardless of brand, into Modbus or BACnet Building Automation Systems.

Education and Research Closed-Loop AI enables autonomous process manufacturing. - For process manufacturing, the ultimate promise of Industry 4.0 is autonomous manufacturing. Autonomous control of manufacturing processes is required, not to eliminate human workers, but to build resilient and highly responsive manufacturing supply chains. Resilience is required to enhance the top and bottom lines of a manufacturing enterprise. (Intech Focus)

APPLICATION Cool cows! - Livestock production is a challenging business. Farmers are under continuous pressure to sustainably deliver quality fresh produce while meeting aggressive pricing demands. Simultaneously, consumers are increasingly concerned about the welfare of the animals they consume. Animal welfare is important for dairy farmers too, but their key challenge is satisfying those needs in a manner that is affordable at acquisition and during operation. Delta Electronics' ME300 inverter helped in this application.

PRODUCT Industrial smart switch. - Moxa has added the SDS-3016 Series to their Red Dot award-winning product family. The new addition includes Gigabit uplink, eight additional ports, and an easy-to-configure Industrial Automation (IA)-profile that allows automation engineers to quickly process the increasing amounts of data within the smart manufacturing industry. Moxa always strives to ensure network interoperability and integration immediately.

APPLICATION Gas chromatograph in pipeline - a first! - Qmicro by Sensirion supports MeterQ Solutions GmbH with its microGC technology. MeterQ, a solution provider in the natural gas industry, recently completed the world's first installation of a process gas chromatograph directly in a natural gas pipeline. This achievement was realised thanks to Qmicro's microGC technology, which is at the heart of the MeterQ solution.

PRODUCT Diaphragm pressure gauge with vent valve. - The model PG43SA-S diaphragm pressure gauge for sanitary applications, from WIKA, can now be supplied with an optional vent valve. With the valve closed (ingress protection IP68), the inside of the instrument is permanently protected against penetration by extremely aggressive substances such as those used for external cleaning in certain pharmaceutical processes.

Publications "Most important interoperability technology in industry!" - report. - The OPC Foundation has announced that the ARC Advisory Group published a report entitled "OPC UA Momentum Continues to Build" (pdf). This eleven-page executive overview provides timely insights into what makes OPC UA the global standard of choice for industrial data communications in process and discrete manufacturing industries. In addition, the report provides a list of ARC recommendations for process manufacturers considering adopting OPC UA.


COVID-19 COVID-19 and Automation and in Ireland.
Various statements are being issued by companies and events in the Automation Sector. This is where they are listed as we hear of them.

Why testing is important. (IEC 16/4/2020)
What have we learned about the virus, so far? (Sterling Pres. Health 21 Oct 2020)


please check with the organisers before making arrangements.

HUG 21
2021 Honeywell Users Group Tech Talks
21/06/2021 to 23/06/2021
On Line

Industrial Automation Safety Summit

22/06/2021 to 24/06/2021
On Line

Embeded Technologies 2021
"North America's premier event for embedded systems & technologies!"
28/06/2021 to 28/06/2021
San Jose (CA USA)

ARC Industry Forum (India)
Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World
8/07/2021 to 9/07/2021
On Line

IGMGP Mercury
The 15th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (also hosting Industrial Methane Measurement Conf.)
11/07/2021 to 16/07/2021
Capetown (ZA)

UKIVA Machine Vision
Conference & Exhibition
Milton Keynes (GB)

EES Europe
Europe's largest & most international exhibition of batteries & energy storage systems.
21/07/2021 to 23/07/2021
Muenchen (D)

International Powder/Bulk Conference & Exhibition
28/07/2021 to 30/07/2021
Shanghai (CN)

Digital Transformation Virtual Conference

On Line

Contact ISA Virtual Events Program

NEWS Innovators honoured in virtual space! - Endress+Hauser filed 276 new developments for patent for the first time in 2020, 42 less than the previous year. Nevertheless, the overall balance is impressive: The number of patents granted worldwide reached a new high of 738, which is 61 more than in 2019. The intellectual property portfolio is also more extensive than ever. More than 8,900 patents and patent applications protect the intellectual property behind Endress+Hauser's products, solutions and services.Dozens of employees were honored for this at the 2021 virtual Innovators' Meeting.

APPLICATION Resolving electric versus pneumatic dilemma in linear motion tasks. - Machine builders can resolve the age-old dilemma of whether to deploy electric or pneumatic technology for linear motion tasks by adopting a more application-led approach and deploying hybrid solutions claims Warren Harvard of Festo.

PRODUCT Pressure sensing hydrogen processing and storage systems. - Variohm EuroSensor's recently launched SMO31H2 series pressure sensors, designed for critical measurement and monitoring tasks in hydrogen processing and logistics, are now available with a variant with Performance Level 'd' certification. For pressures to 1000 bar and with EC79 (up to 700 bar) and EC406 type approvals for hydrogen generation, storage and transportation systems, the new SMO31H2-PL:d sensor offers ECU and other safety-controlled applications compliance with the DIN EN ISO 13849-1 machinery safety and IEC 61508 functional safety standards in addition to many other recognised safety accreditations.

video Cyber threats have never been as evident as they are today. - Cyber Ireland's OTSec Working Group Official Launch was held 16th June 2021 - this is a video of the inaugural webinar with speakers from Carlow IT, Siemens and MSD.

APPLICATION Controlling air quality in office and home. - Govee is using Sensirion’s best-in-class SHTC3 humidity and temperature sensor in their air quality monitoring systems.

Education and Research Six things automation and control engineers need to know about calibration - Reasons for calibration include new instruments, repairs or modifications or scheduled care. Learn details about calibration’s impact on preventive maintenance, schedules, documentation and more. (Control Engineering)

Standards Secure PLC coding! - The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA), along with admeritia GmbH, has released the Top 20 Secure PLC Coding Practices document. The document aims to provide a list of coding practices for PLC programmers that have benefits for the IT security of PLCs and the plants they control.

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