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PRODUCT Partnership to advance the IIoT! - National Instruments (NI) has announced that SparkCognition is partnering with NI and IBM to collaborate on the Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Testbed.

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PRODUCT Highly integrated communication with ModBus. - The second product in their EtherNet/IP Linking Devices family has been released by HMS Industrial Networks. The new EtherNet/IP to Modbus-TCP Linking Device allows users to connect devices on Modbus-TCP to a Rockwell ControlLogix® or CompactLogix® PLC.

Mrinal IyengarMrinal Iyengar is the Vice President, Product Management with Abaco Systems.

EVENTS Moving From Data Paralysis to Predictive Analysis. - The National Maritime College of Ireland was the venue last month (Nov 2016) for a joint seminar organised by the Irish Affilate of the ISPE and the Ireland Section of International Society of Automation (ISA). The topic, "Moving From Data Paralysis to Predictive Analysis," proved very attractive and attracted a large number of delegates. The following report is from the ISA.

PRODUCT Wireless vibration sensor. - Yokogawa has developed an ISA100 WirelessTM-based field wireless vibration sensor with the ability to quickly update data as well as a long battery life.

EVENTS Workshop on dust, arosols & particulates! - Following the success of a similar event last January, TSI and Ashtead Technology have organised another workshop focusing on workplace dust, aerosols and environmental particulates. The event, which is free to attend, will take place on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at TSI's headquarters in High Wycombe (GB).

PRODUCT Compact connector. - Harting's new Han® Q 1/0 Axial Screw Protected connector is a compact single-pole unit that enables the transmission of high currents - greater than 100 A - within the small footprint of a standard 3 A housing.

NEWS Japanese Award for automation and control manufacturer. - IDEC Corporation's MicroSmart FC6A PLC has received the Good Design Award from the Japan Institute for Design Promotion, a public interest foundation

PRODUCT Mini card enables PCs to communicate. - HMS Industrial Networks has expanded the IXXAT INpact multi-protocol card series with a PCIe mini variant for PROFINET IRT Fiber Optic.

white paper White paper on FTIR. - A free White Paper on the simultaneous measurement of multiple gases in a wide variety of applications using FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) technology has been published by Quantitech.

PRODUCT Advanced vibration monitor for rent! - Ashtead Technology has added the Vibrock V9000 Ground Vibration Monitor to its rental fleet of instruments. Portable, lightweight and battery powered, the V9000 is supplied fully calibrated and ready for immediate use, making it ideal for a wide variety of site investigation applications.

APPLICATION Particulate monitors selling like hot cakes. - Palas, the German manufacturer of particulate monitoring instruments, is expanding production to cope with demand for its fine particulate monitor, the Fidas® 200. In this article Jim Mills explains why Air Monitors, the British distributor, is being kept busy by the demand for this exciting new technology.

EVENTS Air pollution conference at show! - AQE 2017, the international Air Quality and Emissions show (Telford, GB, 24th- 25th May 2017) has partnered with IAPSC (Investigation of Air Pollution Standing Conference) to deliver the conference on the second day of the AQE event.

PRODUCT Monitoring security & health of systems. - Addressing an increasingly important concern for manufacturers, Emerson is introducing upgrades to Guardian Support so users can monitor the security and health risks associated with control and software systems.

APPLICATION Gas detection instrumentation for German agency! - Ion Science has recently supplied 300 Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) monitors to Germany's Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) where they are part of the vital chemical measurement system on board CRBN 'first responder' reconnaissance vehicles.

PRODUCT Examining components with shiny & diffusely-scattering surfaces. - The new Trevista X4 models from Stemmer Imaging, utilise a patented 2.5D process, called Shape from Shading, identifies surface defects such as scratches, burrs, dents, discolouration or grinding marks, even if only a few micrometres deep. They can be detected with significantly greater certainty with this process than with conventional image processing systems.

PRODUCT Room climate transmitter! - The EE800 room transmitter from E+E Elektronik combines CO2, temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) measurement in a single device. It is ideal for use in demand-controlled ventilation and indoor climate control.

APPLICATION Logistics module for Slovenia. - The P&P Group in Slovenia, recently expanded their business to incorporate SMT d.o.o in 2003 and specialises in the development of complex electronic systems with extensive experience in the development and manufacture of sophisticated custom-made electronic devices.

PRODUCT Low cost RF Connectors. - Intelliconnect (Europe) has introduced the new Taurus range of low cost high quality, industry standard coaxial connectors and adaptors available from stock in Britain and delivered on a 1- 3 day lead time.



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PRODUCT Level with optimised communications. - Baumer has expanded the successful CleverLevel series with two new variants – the LBFH and LBFI. They are available with two switching outputs, qTeach and a 360° output status indicator.

PRODUCT Box PC for IoT inside industrial automation. - The BE10A, from Men Mikro Elektronik, is a space- and power-saving box PC with low power consumption that can be operated in a light, space-saving housing without fans, allowing for maintenance-free operation.

PRODUCT Cameras for harsh environments. - The GigE uEye FA camera series from IDS Imaging Development Systems is designed for use in the harshest industrial environments.

PRODUCT Identification marker. - TE Connectivity (TE) has launched ZHD, a new, versatile cable identification product. Until now, heat shrink cable identification systems were either low fire hazard or diesel resistant – but not both. TE's new ZHD identification products combines these two features into a single product.

PRODUCT Compact pressure sensor. - Festo has announced a new compact pressure sensor, SPAN, to build on its comprehensive range of sensors for process and factory automation applications.

Kevin CampbellKevin Campbell has been appointed as Vice President, Engineering with Abaco Systems.

PRODUCT Motor drives. - The CFP2000 series is Delta's brand new high reliability and industry-specific vector control drive for fan and pump applications. Featuring a built-in EMC filter, DC chokes, Real-Time Clock (RTC), and BACnet, the CFP2000 Series provides the best solution for the special needs of the HVAC industry.

PRODUCT FID analyser retired. - Quantitech has replaced the 3006 Analyser with the portable SK Elektronik Thermo-FID PT, which is also manufactured in Germany to high standards, offers improved performance and enjoys MCERTS approval.

PRODUCT Pyrometer for High-Temperature Applications and Metals. - The new FibreMini is a fibre-optic pyrometer from Calex Electronics with advanced features that allow accurate temperature readings on metal surfaces in harsh applications.

PRODUCT Flyover cable assy - Samtec has released an extended temperature version of its FireFly™ Active Optical Micro Flyover Cable Assembly. The new ETUO series support temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C.

PRODUCT Debug and trace! - Ashling Microsystems has an advanced real-time debug and trace solution for NXP's P60-Step-Up! secure controller device. The P60-Step-Up! secure controller targets applications such as eGovernment, banking, mobile security and transport solutions where software quality is of the utmost importance and an essential aspect of end applications for this device.

PRODUCT Touch enable operator panels. - Stahl has a line-up of highly robust touch-enabled operating devices. Certified for zones 1 and 21, the ET-208 Operator Interfaces with 7-inch widescreens and a hardened glass front feature front-side IP69 protection.

PRODUCT Modular connector for CAN networks. - Harting has added a CAN (Controller Area Network) module to its range of Han-Modular® ID smart connectors. CAN is a bus system for automation and control which features a number of advantages such as high functional reliability and the ability to operate in demanding and harsh conditions.

PRODUCT High performance PLC - Delta's new PLC series covers most automation applications at a very attractive price. The AS300 enables easy and advanced programming for sectors such as electronics manufacturing, labeling, food packaging and textile machines.

Organisations Benefits for automation & control professionals extolled! - As part of an established relationship with the ISA Ireland Section the section committee were invited to visit Rockwell Automation's local office in Cork (Irl) to give a briefing on the benefits that membership would bring to the many Engineers and Technicians in the company, especially in fast evolving world of Automation and Control.

PRODUCT Portable hygrometer spot checks natural gas. - The MDM300 I.S. high speed portable hygrometer from Michell Instruments enables gas pipeline operators to ensure safety and quality compliance on natural gas. Often these measurements are made in remote locations in extreme weather conditions – either hot or cold.

NEWS Fairness in business in Scotland. - Edinburgh Instruments has been accepted to the Scottish Business Pledge, as part of its ongoing commitment to delivering fairness and equality in the work place.

EVENTS Keeping in touch with the next generation! - The Wonderware Next Generation Conference 2016, saw people travelling from far and wide across the globe, to witness the future of industrial automation.​

PRODUCT Portable hygrometer spot checks natural gas. - The MDM300 I.S. high speed portable hygrometer from Michell Instruments enables gas pipeline operators to ensure safety and quality compliance on natural gas.

Barbara MarsikServomex has appointed Barbara Marshik as Market Segment Manager - Power.

EVENTS Process Control & Safety Symposium & Exhibition success. - The 2016 ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium and Exhibition, held in early November 2012 in Houston, Texas, drew more than 300 attendees to explore solutions to the varied challenges facing process measurement and control professionals in chemical and energy processing, pulp and paper, and other process industry sectors.

PRODUCT Passive harmonic filters. - Schaffner is setting a benchmark with its product offering of harmonics mitigation solutions. ecosine evo combines superior technologies to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics with an evolutionary modular product concept.

PRODUCT Servo controllers - new options. - Baumüller has further improved its servo controller b maXX 3300. Now the controller for small drives is also available with a single-phase option. One advantage is the lower wiring expense, resulting in time and cost savings for the machine manufacturers.

NEWS LIMS developer moves! - Autoscribe Informatics has moved to larger premises in England. As from 21st November, 2016, the company's headquarters are located in Aldermaston, near Reading (GB). This is a seamless transition for customers as the telephone number, e-mail addresses and website URL all remain unchanged.

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