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PRODUCT HMI Panels are safe - The rugged Graphite® Human Machine Interface (HMI) operator panels from Red Lion Controls have been certified to operate in global ATEX zone 2/22 and IECEx zone 2 environments.

PRODUCT Smoke detector protects historic buildings! - Honeywell' FAAST LT Aspiration Smoke Detector is being used in an increasing number of historical buildings, thanks to a comprehensive feature set designed to meet EN54-20 Class B and C applications where aesthetics matter, maintenance is often difficult and reliable accuracy is demanded.

PRODUCT US Sensors for Use in harsh environments. - The P53 Steel Head ultrasonic sensor from PIL is for use in demanding medical, food processing and other industrial applications

PRODUCT Semi-rigid cable assys! - The Cable Assembly division of Intelliconnect (Europe) can now provide customers with high performance semi rigid cable assemblies suitable for industrial, defence/security, and test system applications.

PRODUCT Transport network testing! - Anritsu has announced important enhancements for its portable user-friendly MT1000A Network Master Pro and MT1100A Network Master Flex, the new family of all-in-one transport network testers.

APPLICATION High-Fidelity battery modeling.BLOG - The MapleSim model of the Li-Ion battery was selected because of its proven ability to achieve real-time performance. The code-generation and compilation tools are very easy to use, making the integration of the model into the HIL system very fast and cost-effective.

NEWS Driving innovative business ideas and technologies in the IoT environment. - ADLINK Technology has been an active member of the globally represented M2M Alliance, a key driver for innovative business ideas and technologies in the IoT environment, since the beginning of last April (2015).

PRODUCT Prepare for mission critical! - Stadium Power has added the 60 watt AC input G1X2 and DG1X2 48V DC input models to their range of 1+1 redundant 1U industrial single output and ATX / EPS power supplies.

PRODUCT Stamp out magnetic tampering! - The new A1266 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a unique 3-dimensional sensor IC incorporating a combination of vertical and traditional planar Hall-effect sensor ICs that can detect a magnetic field of either polarity in any direction.

PRODUCT Introduction of Functional Integration Standard (FDI)! - The FieldComm Group has announced the first live publically viewable display of functioning FDI Package IDE (development tools) and FDI Common Host Components at this year's ACHEMA.

PRODUCT Large diameter pneumatic cylinders - Festo has launched a new series of efficient, durable and technically advanced large diameter ISO cylinders. The cost-effective DSBG series is the lightest diameter cylinder in its class.

PRODUCT Bench mounted analyser! - Michell Instruments' XGA301 can be configured to use either zirconia oxide or electrochemical cells to measure oxygen and/or infra-red technology to measure other gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide.

APPLICATION Improving extrusion machine efficiency & accuracy. - The manufacturing site of Clariant at Izmit, Turkey, has adopted the latest high performance Emerson technology to help it overcome issues surrounding maintenance and inefficiency.

PRODUCT Tool-free installation in industrial Ethernet applications - In addition to offering the benefits of high connection density in industrial Ethernet applications with transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/s, Harting's new M12 PushPull connector allows manual installation without the need for special tools, thus speeding up its installation in tight spaces.

PRODUCT Ultra-flexible LCD touch displays. - Varitronix has announced the availability of a new range of Ultra-Flexible LCD Displays. The displays accept a curve with a radius as tight as 12.5cm, and currently can be manufactured in small sizes, similar to that of a credit card.

PRODUCT Loading metering skids - Endress+Hauser introduces the Loading Metering Skid (LMS), a certified solution for custody transfer of light hydrocarbons including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and marine gas to and from tanker trucks, railcars and ships.

PRODUCT PSUs meet medical performance specifications. - The Xsolo power supplies, from Excelsys Technologies, have been designed and tested to meet both the B and BF type requirements per the IEC 60601 standard.

NEWS Steady growth forecast in PI&A market in North America. - MCAA has published its Annual Market Forecast, prepared by Global Automation Research.

PRODUCT High-accuracy current transducers! - The new series of IT xx5 transducers for non-intrusive and isolated nominal measurements of DC, AC and pulsed currents from 60 A to 600 A has been announced by LEM.

EVENTS Industry forum for Amsterdam next year! - ARC Advisory Group will host its European Industry Forum (EIF) in Amsterdam (NL). The European Industry Forum is part of ARC’s series of conferences also held in the USA, India, China, and Japan.

NEWS International trade qualification brings expertise to resistor manufacturer. - Hard work and expertise in the field of international export has paid off at Cressall. Hina Sharma of the company's commercial engineering team has achieved an International Trade Operations and Procedures (ITOPs) qualification.

EVENTS Future Vision Day! - The Future Vision Day imaging event, organised by IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, global market leader in USB industrial cameras will take place at the Beaumont Estate, (Berks GB) on June 17, 2015.


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Industrial Automation Shenzhen 2015

1/06/2015 to 3/06/2015
Shenzhen (CN)

Sensors Expo & Conference

9/06/2015 to 11/06/2015
Long Beach (CA USA)

EMVA 2015
European Machine Vision Association Business Conference
11/06/2015 to 13/06/2015
Athens (GR)

World forum & show for process industries
15/06/2015 to 20/06/2015
Frankfurt/Main (D)

Future Vision Day
organised by IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Berkshire (GB)

Annual General Meeting
ISA Ireland Section
Cork (IRL)

ProfiBus Conference 2015

23/06/2015 to 24/06/2015
Stratford/Avon (GB)

conference & exhibtion
Baku (AZB)

Industrial Flow Measurement Seminar

23/06/2015 to 25/06/2015
Boston (MA USA)

CWIEME Shanghai
Coil Winding, electric motor & transformer manufacturing technologies
23/06/2015 to 25/06/2015
Shanghai (CN)

Power Electronics | Intelligent Motion | Renewable Energy | Energy Management
24/06/2015 to 26/06/2015
Shanghai (CN)

conference & exhibtion
Doha (QUA)

PRODUCT 20-channel temperature logger. - The new DATAPAQ® TP3 data logger provides more measurement channels, connectivity options, and ease of use for profiling and surveying in high-temperature heat treatment applications.

NEWS Bád FarantóireachtaFirst electrical car ferry in the world in operation in Norway now. - Siemens delivers electric propulsion system and charging stations with lithium-ion batteries charged from hydro power to emission-free ferries!

Webinar Virtual summit for condition monitoring & predictive maintenance for Europe! - National Instruments (NI) is to host its first European Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Summit from 6th to 10th July 2015.

PRODUCT New sensor technologies on show! - Hoffmann-Krippner will be at the upcoming Sensors Expo event in Long Beach (CA USA 9-11 June 2015). In addition to demoing and launching their SensoFoil and SensoInk sensing technologies, they will be demonstrating high performance sensor technologies from three of their German partners.

PRODUCT Vibrating tuning fork technology level switches! - The Liquiphant FTL31 and FTL33 liquid level switches from Endress + Hauser are based on vibrating tuning fork technology. The sensors are excellent replacements for float switches or conductive, capacitance and optical sensors.

PRODUCT How's your machine health? - Emerson Process Management has introduced the CSI 3000 Machinery Health Monitor, a compact protection system for a wide range of machinery such as pumps, compressors, centrifuges, blowers and generators.

PRODUCT VNA System with industry's widest frequency coverage! - The VectorStar® ME7838A4 4-port broadband vector network analyser (VNA) system has been introduced by Anritsu. The new analyser features the world's widest differential broadband sweep from 70 kHz to 110/125 GHz and utilises the smallest mmWave modules to conduct highly stable and fast measurements when characterising differential devices.

PRODUCT Coriolis flowmeters for high pressure offshore chemical injection applications. - The Micro Motion F100P and HPC010P Coriolis flowmeters, introduced by Emerson, to measure accurate flow rates for wellbore chemicals injected at high pressure conditions.

PRODUCT AS-Interface module with push-in front connector. - Pepperl+Fuchs is setting a new and innovative standard for AS-Interface IP20 modules in the form of an easily accessible push-in connection at the front of the device.

PRODUCT Chilled-water close control unit for datacentres! - Magister CW by CIAT is a vertical chilled-water close control unit specially designed to meet the requirements of data centres, computer rooms, switchboard rooms, electrical equipment rooms and other rooms with high thermal loads.

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