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20the March 2015
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PRODUCT Portable 3D body scanner for human metrics applications! - The world's first portable 3D body scanner from Space Vision, (J), utilises nine board-level UI-1221LE USB cameras from IDS Imaging Development Solutions.

People Rob Wilkinson
Rob Wilkinson, CEO of AEW Europe, has been re-elected Chairman of the Green Rating Alliance for the year 2015.

PRODUCT Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas enclosures! - As part of its new range of ATEX load cells, LCM Systems Ltd is launching the AEN ATEX/IECEx stainless steel Ex d enclosure.

EVENTS VOCs - why speciate? - The Quantitech stands at AQE 2015 in Telford (GB), the air quality and emissions show (22/23 Apl 2015)., will feature three different technologies for measuring individual organic compounds.

White Paper Ex ic - Intrinsic safety's new protection level! - Power management company Eaton has released a new whitepaper, Ex ic - Intrinsic Safety's New Protection Level, that helps users and manufacturers understand more about Ex ic, the new intrinsic safety protection level for electrical apparatus in flammable environments.

PRODUCT Connector with rapid termination technology - Harting has introduced a slimline version of its har-speed X-coded M12 connector equipped with HARAX® rapid termination IDC connection technology.

PRODUCT Radio communication in hazardous areas. - The Series 9730 HFisolators from R. Stahl enable users to deploy any type of standard industrial antennas for radio communication in hazardous areas.

APPLICATION Sensors in space! - Kistler pressure sensors monitored the fuel consumption continuously for the whole ten year voyage to ensure that Rosetta arrived at its destination with enough fuel to make the final corrections to put the Philae landing probe into orbit.

People Gary Howse
Stadium Power has appointed Gary Howse to the role of Managing Director, Global Power.

PRODUCT Simple & accurate adjustment with wire-wound variable resistor. - The VRH320 Variable Wire Wound Resistor available from ARCOL Resistors, has a wide range of applications for voltage and current adjustment including industrial machinery RPM adjustment, instruments, automated control installations, load simulation and educational modelling.

PRODUCT Processing signals - Pentek has announced the Model 7070 PCIe FMC carrier with a Virtex-7 FPGA. As a stand-alone signal processing board, it provides an ideal development and deployment platform for demanding DSP applications.

APPLICATION Emissions analyser helps manage power station! - A multiparameter emissions monitor at Thetford power station (GB) is being used to demonstrate to the Environment Agency that the plant is performing within the conditions of its environmental permit. However, the data from the analyser, which was supplied by Quantitech, also performs a vitally important role in helping to manage the plant.

PRODUCT Duct mounting HVAC transmitters. - The new EE150 humidity & temperature transmitter has been optimised specifically for use in the HVAC and building technology sectors and impresses with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

EVENTS Succesful Food & Pharma completed! - Nearly 130 professionals within the automation and control field and the pharmaceuticals and food industries gathered in Philadelphia last week to explore solutions to the critical challenges relating to automation in food processing and drug manufacture and distribution.

PRODUCT Dual input Smart HART temperature transmitters. - The THZ³ and TDZ³, Moore Industries' next generation of Smart HART temperature transmitters have been released.

PRODUCT Optical spectrum analyser - A new version of Yokogawa's AQ6373 optical spectrum analyser has been released It incorporates a new monochromator with a sharp passband filter edge plus a number of new features including a double-speed measuring mode, a multipeak/bottom search function and a data-logging function.

APPLICATION Saving 500 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide! - How WEG helped in saving 500 tonnes of CO2 per year, expected to be saved at Kingston Heights, a new sustainable housing development in south west London (GB), thanks to its pioneering use of water from the River Thames to supply heating, hot water and cooling.

PRODUCT Measuring with Piezoelectric Sensors has never been so easy! - The new Kistler LabAmp Type 5165A is an amplifier designed specifically to combine impressive flexibility with convenient usability for the measurement of dynamic signals.

PRODUCT Industry's broadest range of card edge connectors. - EDAC has enhanced its already extensive range of card edge connectors to include 8,000 standard styles and 435,000 customised variations in what is today the broadest range of card edge connectors available in the industry.


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P&ID Engineering Drawings Interpretation
24/02/2015 to 25/02/2015
Greenwood (IN USA)

Big Data Plant Asset Management
24/02/2015 to 26/02/2015
Dubai (UAE)

conference & exhibtion
Ellesmere Port (GB)

India Automation Technology Fair

26/02/2015 to 28/02/2015
Mumbai (IND)

ESARS 2015
Electrical Systems for aircraft, railway, ship propulsion and road vehicles
3/03/2015 to 5/03/2015
Aachen (D)

ARC Industry Forum Europe 2015
European Industry in Transition:  The Information Driven Enterprise in a Connected World
4/03/2015 to 5/03/2015
Amsterdam (NL)

LOTO - Lock out tag out
Cork (IRL)

Contact Pilz Ireland
CE Marking & Machinery Regulations
Cork (IRL)

Contact Pilz Ireland
APEC 2015
"The Premier Global Event in Power Electronics!"
15/03/2015 to 19/03/2015
Charlotte (NC USA)

WIN EURASIA Automation–World of Industry

19/03/2015 to 22/03/2015
Istanbul (TK)

Maintec 2015
Britain's leading show for maintenance, plant and asset management
24/03/2015 to 26/03/2015
Birmingham (GB)

The ATEX Directive
Cork (IRL)

Contact Pilz Ireland
International Exhibition with Workshops on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
24/03/2015 to 26/03/2015
Stuttgart (D)

conference & exhibtion
Rotterdam (NL)

PUWER Regulations

Contact Pilz Ireland
ISA Ireland Seminar 2015
Technology Modernisation of Plant Automation Systems
Dublin (IRL)

Website Web pages renewed and introduce new products! - Fluke has renewed and extended its Solution Centre web pages. Now there is even more information on choosing and using thermal imagers, as well as full details of Fluke's Performance, Professional and Expert Series thermal imagers.

PRODUCT Universal LightProbe tests colour and intensity of LEDs. - The Universal LightProbe Spectra USB Sensor from Optomistic Products, designed for the colour and intensity testing of LEDs, is now available exclusively in Britain from Peak Test Services.

Research & Education Centre of excellence awarded! - MCP has been awarded Centre-of-Excellence status by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) for providing high quality training courses for electrical installers and contractors.

NEWS CPD Accredited Employer standard awarded to Irish PSU company. - Excelsys Technologies has been awarded the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Accredited Employer standard by Engineers Ireland.

PRODUCT Airborne pathogen measurement - The 'Coriolis µ' from Air Monitors, employs a wet-walled cyclone technology that improves bioaerosol sampling for bacteria, pollen, endotoxins, viruses and fungal spores thus delivering an accurate measurement of airborne load.

PRODUCT Error-free configuration and ordering of pneumatic systems. - The new Festo Design Tool 3D configuration software reduces the risk of errors when designing and ordering pneumatic actuator assemblies. Specifying system modules as a complete package with a unique product key simplifies design, logistics and assembly operations.

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