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Education and Research 5 Year partnership for talent development! - Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) has announced a five-year strategic partnership with Intel Ireland as part of a far-reaching programme of collaboration in future talent development, research and engagement. The partnership is in support of the TU Dublin capital campaign Transforming Tomorrow.

PRODUCT High-performance drive controllers. - Aerotech has introduced two high-performance single-axis controllers: the digital XC4 and XC4e PWMs. They are suitable for driving brushed or brushless DC motors as well as moving coil actuators and stepper motors. A special feature besides the position-synchronized outputs (PSO) is the HyperWire® fibre optic interface.

NEWS Intelligent water systems challenge. - For the second year in a row, the International Society of Automation (ISA)—through its Water and Wastewater Industries Division (WWID)—is supporting an initiative designed to demonstrate the value of intelligent water systems, smart water technologies, and leveraging data for improved decision-making.

Standards DC energy meters certified! - LEM has become the first company to receive the German certification for the EM4TII (Energy Meter For Traction) DC energy meters. Mathieu Béguin (Product marketing engineer) summarises, "Originally developed for railway applications, we identified an opportunity to adapt the EM4TII DC Meter to comply with German regulations. Information about the new DC Meter will follow in due course."

Events Machine Vision event! - Visitor registration for the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition is now open. The one-day event will take place in Milton Keynes (GB) on Thursday 6th June 2019. The Conference program for 2019 will feature around 60 speakers, delivering the richest and most diverse program offered to date.

NEWS Good results! - Endress+Hauser's business developed very positively across all regions and industries in 2018. The Group has reported new highs in net sales, income and employment. According to preliminary figures, Endress+Hauser increased net sales by more than 9 percent to over 2.4 billion euros in 2018.

PRODUCT Drives water & HVAC etc. - The new SINAMICS G120X frequency converter from the proven SINAMICS family of drives, now available through Alpha Drives, is optimised for infrastructure and industrial water/wastewater applications as well as pumps and fans in building automation.


Andrew Keith

Telema S.p.A has appointed Andrew Keith as its new group product development director. .

PRODUCT 125 Amp adaptor. - Rittal has launched a new 45 mm RiLine Compact adaptor, which is rated at 125 amps. It has two rear contact rows enabling users to easily and quickly plug the adaptor into two power boards mounted adjacent to each other.

NEWS 5G Protocol conformance. - Anritsu Corporation has announced the submission of the industry’s first Protocol Conformance test in the Sub-6 GHz Frequency Range 1 (FR1) to 3GPP RAN5 working group for approval. The test defined by 3GPP TS38.523 has been verified with Exynos modem 5100 5G New Radio (NR) modem developed by Samsung’s System LSI Business on Anritsu ME7834NR Protocol Conformance test system.

PRODUCT Connecting IIoT! - Harting has developed a number of innovative, targeted connectivity solutions for the IIoT world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The fourth Industrial Revolution is witnessing the ever-advancing convergence of the physical with the digital world.

APPLICATION Towards full automation. - Even before officially launching the new product, Compact Dynamic, Weland Solutions has received a first signed purchase order. In the summer of 2019, the facility will be operational at Axelent based in Hillerstorp (S), with customers worldwide.

PRODUCT AC line reactors. - The Schaffner Group has introduced a new generation of AC line reactors with optimised design and best cost-performance ratio.

PRODUCT Optical screwdriver! - AFL's lightweight, ergonomically-designed FOCIS WiFi2 fibre optic connector microscope does not require any cables or displays. All you need to operate the "optical screwdriver" sold by Laser Componants is a standard iOS or Android mobile device. The corresponding app is available for free download.

APPLICATION Fasteners: metal or plastic? - Here Essentra Components discusses plastic vs. metal fasteners and why plastic can be a better choice. Metal is the most common material used to create fastening solutions, however plastic fasteners offer a different and often more appropriate set of characteristics. Notably, they're used in space – for example the Hubble Telescope and International Space Station are held together using plastic fasteners.


Servomex Appointments

Servomex Strengthens Sales Teams With New Regional Sales Managers.

NEWS How OPC UA and TSN Are Driving the Creation of a Universal Industrial Network - Summary The future of industrial networking just got a lot brighter. After a year of uncertainty surrounding the future direction of industrial Ethernet, recent announcements appear to have settled a looming rift in the industrial networking community. In a significant move, the OPC Foundation announced in late 2018 that it will now actively promote its Publish-Subscribe model for communication with devices at the field level. In addition, time-sensitive networking (TSN), a mechanism for time synchronization and determinism, is quickly gaining acceptance among industry players.

publications"Selecting semiconductors! - A new Discrete Semiconductor Selection Guide has been released by Anglia, guiding customers through the vast range of industry standard discrete devices available. The interactive guide is Internet-linked – each product category has an associated Website Data Reference which takes customers straight to the associated page on Anglia Live.


During the period that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are working through their exit from the European Union (EU) we will endevour to bring items of particular interest and/or relevence to the automation sector in the process.


Implementing business to MES integration using the ANSI/ISA-95 standards
IC-55 (ISA-95) Training
21/02/2019 to 22/02/2019
Eindhoven (NL)

Embedded World
Exhibition & Conference
26/02/2019 to 28/02/2019
Nuremberg (D)

Engineers Week

2/03/2019 to 8/03/2019
Ireland (IRL)

International Wireless Communications Expo
4/03/2019 to 8/03/2019
Las Vegas (NV USA)

APEC 2019
Global Power Electronics Event
17/03/2019 to 21/03/2019
Anaheim (CA USA)

Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control Systems
IC32 Training
18/03/2019 to 19/03/2019
Eindhoven (NL)

Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control Systems
IC32 Training
18/03/2019 to 19/03/2019
Karslruhe (D)

AMPER 2019
27th International Trade Fair foe Electrotechnics, Energetics, Automation, Communication, Lighting & Security Technologies
19/03/2019 to 22/03/2019
Brno (CZ)

Exhibition and workshops on electromagnetic compatibility.
19/03/2019 to 21/03/2019
Stuttgart (D)

Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS Systems
IC-33 Training
20/03/2019 to 22/03/2019
Eindhoven (NL)

Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS Systems
IC-33 Training
20/03/2019 to 22/03/2019
Karslruhe (D)

Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control Systems
IC32 Training
25/03/2019 to 26/03/2019
Bracknell (GB)

The Smart Way to Industry 4.0
with ProfiNet Technologies; Conference
Coventry (GB)

Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS Systems
IC-33 Training
27/03/2019 to 29/03/2019
Bracknell (UK)

2019 Toledo Section Vendor Exposition and Symposium Show
ISA Section show
Toledo (OH USA)

The Smart Way to Industry 4.0
with ProfiNet Technologies; Conference
London GB)


On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom notified the European Council of its intention to leave the European Union, in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.
London (GB) - Brussells (B)

Alarm Management
IC-39 (ISA-18) Training
1/04/2019 to 2/04/2019
Eindhoven (NL)

9th China International New Energy & Intelligent Vehicle Forum.
2/04/2019 to 3/04/2019
Shanghai (CN)

IACS Cybersecurity Design & Implementation
IC34 Training
8/04/2019 to 10/04/2019
Eindhoven (NL)

Big Data Analytics in Process Industry
9/04/2019 to 10/04/2019
Frankfurt/Main (D)

ISA @ Calgary
"North America’s Largest Automation, Instrumentation & Systems Event"
9/04/2019 to 10/04/2019
Calgary (CDN)

IACS Cybersecurity Operations & Maintenance
IC37 Training
10/04/2019 to 12/04/2019
Eindhoven (NL)

Batch control using the ANSI/ISA-88 standards
IC-40 (ISA-88) Training
15/04/2019 to 17/04/2019
Eindhoven (NL)


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Who knows? The Brexit dilemma!Jean Claude Junker and Theresa May
It would appear that industry in Britain has by and large been in a state of stagnation – “torpor” is the word used in a recent article – waiting hoping for a favourable and non-disruptive result to the interminable negotiations. This would appear to be confirmed by Dharshini David of the BBC when he says, “Business investment is stagnant…”. In our experience no native instrumentation and control body or publication, with few notable exceptions, such as Processing Talk and GAMBICA, seems to realise exactly what is going down the line still less really understands what the implications of BREXIT are! The majority seem to think that everything will be alright on the night!

- IIoT middleware solutions for energy markets and beyond
- Solar-power provider improves integration and data analysis
- Cyber security for Industrial Ethernet automation systems
- Encryption technology provides solutions for Ethernet security
- New IETF standards: where IT security meets OT security
- How to speed-up development of SCADA applications
- High availability Ethernet/IP systems using FRER standard
- Bridging the gap between HART devices and the IIoT
- Turn remote sites into smart remote sites 31 Device testing supports growth of Time Sensitive Networking
- Smart factories targeted by CC-Link IE TSN technology
- Four reasons manufacturers are turning to the cloud
- EtherNet/IP enhancements for constrained devices & networks

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