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PRODUCT An innovation in energy automation. - Camille Bauer Metrawatt has combined, for the first time, the functionality of a highly accurate measurement device for heavy current applications with the capabilities of an integrated programmable logic controller.

PRODUCT Compact, robust, compression load cells. - Flintec's RC3 compression load cell has been re-developed, providing customers with a modern alternative. The RC3 and RC3D are compact, robust, compression load cells manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and hermetically sealed for reliable performance in the harshest environment.

PRODUCT Debugging pioneer joins international architecture foundation. - Ashling Microsystems has joined the RISC-V Foundation, a non-profit corporation controlled by its members to drive the adoption and implementation of the open, free RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) forward.

APPLICATION Combustion control in crematoria! - Michell Instruments has released a new application featuring two case studies of combustion control in crematoria. Cremator operators not only need to comply with local emissions guidelines, but also have to take into consideration the social and emotional well-being of local residents and mourners

PRODUCT Reliable positioning. - The PXV 2-D absolute positioning system from Pepperl+Fuchs sets new performance benchmarks when it comes to reliability and handling. With its large reading window, the system keeps a sufficient number of codes in view, even in relation to track switches and changes to the code tape.

PRODUCT PLC with up to 2,060 local I/O. - MicroSmart FC6A Plus is a powerful PLC with up to 2,060 local I/O from IDEC Corporation. With its expanded I/O capacity, the unit can control and monitor the largest machines or entire small-scale manufacturing facilities, a capability seldom found in a micro PLC.

PRODUCT Network-based control system enhanced. - Yokogawa will release an enhanced version of the STARDOM™network-based control system in the first quarter of fiscal year 2018. This new version of the STARDOM system will include a new E2 bus interface module that has been developed for use in FCN-500 autonomous controller extension units.


Martin Ralph
Martin Ralph has joined the Hanley Controls sales team in Clonmel (Irl).

PRODUCT Level switch with IO-Link. - Baumer has announced the immediate availability of LBFH and LBFI level switches with IO-Link and ATEX approval.

NEWS Flare gas measurement. - Emerson and Fluenta are collaborating to provide ultrasonic flare gas measurement solutions for the oil and gas and chemical industries to improve energy efficiency and comply with increasing regulations across the globe to measure, monitor, and report flare gas emissions.

NEWS Coriolis flow innovation recognised! - Endress+Hauser has won the Swiss Technology Award in the Innovation Leaders category with their Promass Q. This Coriolis-based flowmeter, developed especially for applications in the oil & gas and food & beverage industries, was cited for its outstanding measurement accuracy, even in difficult operating conditions.

APPLICATION Flowmeters for wellhead allocation. - The Colorado Oil and Gas Producer Bonanza Creek Energy is taking advantage of the Entrained Gas Management (EGM) that ensures both stable and uninterrupted measurements of oil with high gas content. Integrated in Krohne's OPTIMASS Coriolis flowmeters, the technology provides a cost effective, rugged, and reliable measurement for accurate well allocation information.

PRODUCT Toggle Switch fror PCBs - The Salecom TS40-T range of sub-miniature toggle switches are marketed in Britain by JPR Electronics. This compact switch offers designers space savings on PCB layouts and reductions in control panel size.

NEWS Leading in DCS. - Frost & Sullivan has named ABB, DCS company of the year for addressing automation market challenges with innovative technologies like cloud engineering, digital marshaling, virtualization, automated data management.

PRODUCT Self-calibrating RTD. - The iTHERM TrustSens hygienic RTD from Endress+Hauser, is the world’s first self-calibrating temperature sensor. TrustSens’ self-calibration process functions in situ and provides the necessary documentation to meet the conformance requirements for various regulatory agencies.


During the period that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are working through their exit from the European Union (EU) we will endevour to bring items of particular interest and/or relevence to the automation sector in the process.


DataCentres Ireland 2017
Conference & exhibtion
22/11/2017 to 23/11/2017
Dublin (IRL)

"ARC Industry Forum - Middle East"
Industry in Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise
Abu Dhabi (UAE)

EMI in fieldbusses
Training Course

Cybersecurity Training Course (IC32)
ISA European Training Course in ISA/IEC 62443 Standards.
23/11/2017 to 24/11/2017
Stokesley (GB)

A SolutionsPT Event
Bolton (GB)

Energy Risk Forum
27/11/2017 to 28/11/2017
Berln (D)

SPS-IPC Drives 2017
Electric Automation - Systems and Components
28/11/2017 to 30/11/2017
Nuremberg (D)

InstMC Awards Night Lecture 2

London (GB)

A Staged Approach to OT Cyber Security
A SolutionsPT Event
Manchester (GB)

Conference & exhibtion (Petroleum, Refining & Environmentatl)
29/11/2017 to 30/11/2017
Antwerp (B)

A Staged Approach to OT Cyber Security
A SolutionsPT Event
Reading (GB)

Introduction to Alarm Management
Yokogawa Training Course
Runcorn (GB)

Power Electronics Conf 2017
Wide band gap semiconductors
Munich (D)

OEB 2017
6/12/2017 to 8/12/2017
Berln (D)

AM Show
Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017 is the business show for additive manufacturing / 3D printing.
6/12/2017 to 8/12/2017
Pasadena (CA USA)

MedTech rising 2017
Irish MedTech CEO Conference
6/12/2017 to 7/12/2017
Galway (IRL)

10th International Chemical Chemical Congress
Conference & exhibtion
10/12/2017 to 14/12/2017
Kish Island (IR)

NEWS Batch reporting halves reporting time. - Emerson is expanding its alliance agreement with Informetric Systems, a leading developer of data collection and reporting applications, to help life sciences companies deliver a more than 50 percent reduction in batch reporting time while getting rid of bottlenecks in batch release processes.

Publications MagMeter Market study - Flow Research have completed and published a new Magnetic Flowmeter study. It contains some surprising and unexpected results. As it turns out, the magnetic flowmeter market was more affected by the downturn in oil prices than was anticipated.

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