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27 Sep 2014

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PRODUCT Enabling digital substations and smart grids - The latest generation Fibre Optic Current Sensor (FOCS-FS)from the ABB stable complements its portfolio of optical sensors.

NEWS A first in European Test & Measurement market! - Microlease is celebrating the launch of Keysight Technologies, Inc., formerly Agilent's Electronic Measurement Business. Microlease, whose global headquarters are in Britain, became the first partner to do business with Keysight in Europe by placing an order for new products for its inventory.

PRODUCT Improve interface development & expand mobile device support for mobile operators - A significant update to the company's groov web-based mobile operator interface software, groov version 2.2, has been announced by Opto 22.

Question&Answer Emission sensors, Q&A session! - City Technology's Tom Gurd, Product Marketing Manager, highlights emissions analysis application needs, trends in the global marketplace and how analyser manufacturers can benefit from the latest sensing technologies and add real-world value by enhancing measurement reliability, accuracy and reducing operational costs.

PRODUCT Field-configurable instrument delivers real-time information about rotating equipment for operational decision-making - Emerson's new CSI 9360 vibration/position transmitter offers users and manufacturers an economical solution for extending basic protection to compressor, pump and fan assets.

EVENTS Standardisation and Integration of FDI into FDT! - The FDT Group will be exhibiting at the upcoming Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition in Houston (TX USA), September 9-11, 2014.

PRODUCT Cold store scanner with intelligent heating! - The compact cold store scanner VB14N-T from Pepperl+Fuchs operates at temperatures from -35 °C to +45 °C and delivers its full performance potential over this exceptionally large operating temperature range.

EVENTS A SPICE seminar! - A free half-day seminar in Germany, Britain and Ireland is designed to educate and inform both advanced and new users of LTspice.

APPLICATION Multigas analyser supports liquid fuel research! - Two advanced FTIR analysers are being employed to monitor multiple gas concentrations simultaneously in laboratory scale reactors at Sasol’s Research and Technology Centre in South Africa.

EVENTS IT Roadshow to tour Ireland and Britain this Autumn! - The next Solutions PT Industrial IT Roadshow is taking place at 7 different iconic venues across Ireland & Britain.

PRODUCT Robust, non-contact distance measurement - Baumer's MIL10 comprises a sensing head and an adhesive magnetic tape.The non-contact magnetic sensing method is wearfree and hence provides virtually unlimited service life.

NEWS Breakthrough in switchgear technology with eco-efficient insulation gas! - A a significant breakthrough in switchgear technology, has been achieved by ABB, with the development of a solution that deploys a new insulation gas mixture as a substitute for sulphur hexafluoride (SF6).

NEWS Labhair liom! Speak to me! Parle-moi! Languages in marketing automation!BLOG - With a work force that boasts 20 different nationalities and 17 languages, the industrial automation spares supplier, European Automation is keen to show its support for any programme promoting learning new languages.

PRODUCT Positive results for cool brain! - Oriel Medical Devices has designed a self contained, non-invasive, portable, simple to operate electronically controlled system "Cool Brain" which can accurately regulate the temperature of a body area to heat or cool the specific area ( including the head ).

PRODUCT Cable Assemblies from DC to 50GHz - Intelliconnect is expanding its cable assembly service. Having seen considerable business growth since its launch 18 months ago the operation is relocating to a new facility in Corby (GB) and investing in additional production equipment.

Business growth through IT - 'How companies can succeed in the face of global competition' is the subject of a recent White Paper sponsored by Rittal. International market research company IDC examined the influence that data centres have on the economic success of small and medium-sized businesses.

APPLICATION Infrared temperature measurement in thermoforming! - Calex pyrometers have been used by leading manufacturers to control heating and cooling in thermoforming for more than 10 years, resulting in increased product quality, consistency and production rates, and a reduction in heating costs.

PRODUCT Rotary actuators for internal valves in LP-gas services! - Fisher® P700 series rotary actuators for Fisher C series valves help to deliver full valve capacity and reduce maintenance in LP-gas applications.

PRODUCT Hall-effect current sensors - Harting has introduced a range of Hall-effect current sensors with a current range from 100 A to 800 A.

PRODUCT Read 1D and 2D codes in to PCs, smartphones and tablets! - The new OHV100 and OHV200 handheld scanners from Pepperl+Fuchs are characterised by excellent scanning features and numerous functional features.

PRODUCT Ethernet redundancy device sets speed record! - Siemens Ruggedcom RS950G has set a speed record: the utility grade IEC 62439-3 compatible product demonstrated a transmission rate of 1 Gbps on HSR (high-availability seamless redundancy) and PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) links.

PRODUCT Enhanced SCADA system to streamline oil and gas operations! - The OpenEnterprise™ v3 SCADA system delivers operational efficiency and helps reduce lifecycle maintenance and operating expense

APPLICATION MES for complex biopharmaceutical production implemented in only four months! - World's largest biotech plant for contract manufacturing of recombinant influenza vaccines set up / PAS-X standard software product, fast-track implementation and MBR modeling accelerate MES deployment.

PRODUCT Code readers with innovative polarisation filter! - With the OPC120 Series code readers, Pepperl+Fuchs offers stationary readers for detecting and decoding 1-D and 2-D codes, such as barcodes and Data Matrix codes.

PRODUCT High peak power amplifier! - A new, turnkey high peak power amplifier which provides pulse fidelity and repeatability with high reliability is being introduced by Diversified Technologies.

NEWS Certificate for Design - Magnetrol® International NV, in Zele (B), has received a BREEAM® Interim Certificate for the Design Stage of its production and office facilities expansion, achieving a score of Very Good.

PRODUCT Telemetry lift link load cell offers flexibility in lifting load monitoring! - The new ET24 telemetry lift link load cell's contemporary power management means transmission distances in excess of 200 metres are achievable in open-field situations, avoiding the expense and problematic use of cabling.

APPLICATION MES for complex biopharmaceutical production implemented in only four months! - World's largest biotech plant for contract manufacturing of recombinant influenza vaccines set up / PAS-X standard software product, fast-track implementation and MBR modeling accelerate MES deployment.

PRODUCT Code readers with innovative polarisation filter! - With the OPC120 Series code readers, Pepperl+Fuchs offers stationary readers for detecting and decoding 1-D and 2-D codes, such as barcodes and Data Matrix codes.

PRODUCT Routers for wired remote access to automation networks & components! - Siemens has extended its industrial remote communication portfolio with three new industrial routers from the Scalance M series of products.

NEWS Japanese company Company recognised - NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN ENGINEERING (NSENGI) has been awarded the "ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation Award" for a recently completed research project that quantified the reliability of ISA100 Wireless technology in a multi-vendor device configuration at an operational site.

EVENTS Medical packaging inspection! - Stemmer will be showing the Contact Image Sensor (CIS) from Mitsubishi Electric at this years MEDTECH Ireland (Galway, 1-2 Oct 2014).

NEWS Electromagnetic design pioneers celebrate 30 years of success - Coinciding with Cobham's 80th anniversary celebrations, the developers of the renowned Opera electromagnetic simulation software are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Vector Fields Software business unit

APPLICATION One-stop solution for human-machine interfaces - Engineering specialist Laempe & Mössner produce several lines of core shooters and equips its' core shooting machines with Rittal's support arm and housing systems.

Research & EducationLearning interfacing between enterprise and control systems. - The Ireland ISA Section in conjunction with ISA Europe have organised a training course in the ISA-95 standard.

Harmonics mitigation! - CP Automation's latest white paper by Jonas Persson, product manager at Comsys AB, compares harmonics mitigation techniques and highlights the challenges facing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in tackling the growing problem of harmonic currents.

Research & EducationDemand for accurate, lightweight test & measurement sensors set to increaseBLOG - New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Sensors in Test and Measurement, finds that the market earned revenues of €820m ($1.10 billion) in 2013 and estimates this to reach €1,14 billion ($1.53 billion) in 2020.


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EPE'14 ECCO Europe
16th Conference on Power Electronics and Applications
26/08/2014 to 28/08/2014
Lappeenranta (FI)

Batch Control Using the ANSI/ISA-88 Standards (IC40)
Course ISA88/IC40
3/09/2014 to 5/09/2014
Eindhoven (NL)

IMITS 2014
8/09/2014 to 13/09/2014
Chicago (IL USA)

CE Marking & Machinery Regulations
Pilz Certified Machinery Safety Expert Training
Cork (IRL)

9th ISA Marketing & Sales Summit
Online Conference
9/09/2014 to 11/09/2014

Yokogawa Users Conf & Exhibition

9/09/2014 to 11/09/2014
Houston (TX USA)

"CC Link for Remote I/O and VSD's (Fieldbus)"
Dublin (IRL)

LoTo Training
Pilz Certified Machinery Safety Expert Training
Cork (IRL)

ISA Industrial Cybersecurity Training
Using the ANSI/ISA-62443 Standards to Secure Your Industrial Control System (IC32)
10/09/2014 to 11/09/2014
Chicago (IL USA)

Internet of Things for Smart Buildings

London (GB)

ECCE 2014
Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition 
14/09/2014 to 18/09/2014
Pittsburgh (PA USA)

Using the ANSI/ISA99 Standard to Secure Your Control System (IC32)
14/09/2014 to 15/09/2014
Riyadh (KSA)

Entry to PLC Level 0 (Introduction to PLC)
Dublin (IRL)

Pneumatic Safety for Design Engineers
16/09/2014 to 17/09/2014
Northampton (GB)

Optimisation Methods
ACTC Training Course
16/09/2014 to 18/09/2014
Glasgow (GB)

Using the ANSI/ISA99 Standard to Secure Your Control System (IC32)
17/09/2014 to 18/09/2014
Manchester (GB)

Connected Enterprise - Industrial Internet of things
Seminar organised by Hanley Automation
Mondello (IRL)

Implementing Business To MES Integration Using the ANSI/ISA95 Standard (IC55)
18/09/2014 to 19/09/2014
Eindhoven (NL)

29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & Exhibition
22/09/2014 to 26/09/2014
Amsterdam (NL)

GX Works2 Level 1 (PLC simple programming)
23/09/2014 to 24/09/2014
Dublin (IRL)

A 360°ľ approach to machinery safety CSME ®
Pilz Certified Machinery Safety Expert Training
23/09/2014 to 26/09/2014
Cork (IRL)

Darnell's Energy Summit
Three shows under one roof!
23/09/2014 to 25/09/2014
Richmond (VA USA)

Sustainable Water 2014
Environmental Water Management Conference
Birmingham (GB)

Learning interfacing between enterprise and control systems.
ISA-95 Training Course
25/09/2014 to 26/09/2014
Cork (IRL)

Using the ANSI/ISA99 Standard to Secure Your Control System (IC32)
25/09/2014 to 26/09/2014
The Hague (NL)

36th International Communications Energy Conference
28/09/2014 to 2/10/2014
Vancouver (CDN)

Powtech 2014
nternational Trade Fair for Mechanical Processing Technologies and Instrumentation
30/09/2014 to 2/10/2014
Nuremberg (D)

Sensors & Instrumentation
Test measureemnt & control
30/09/2014 to 1/10/2014
Birmingham (GB)

Micro Nano MEMs 2014
"The High Precision Manufacturing Expo
30/09/2014 to 1/10/2014
Birmingham (GB)

Machine Building Show

30/09/2014 to 1/10/2014
Birmingham (GB)

PPMA Show 2014
Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition 
30/09/2014 to 2/10/2014
Birmingham (GB)

Symposium & Expo
30/09/2014 to 2/10/2014
Bregenz (A)

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