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ICS Cyber Security study. - Bedrock Automation's 20-page paper, Securing Industrial Control Systems - Best Practices, covers the threat landscape and presents a holistic approach to defending it, including assessing risk, physical security, network security, workstation and server security, as well as the fundamentals of OSA.

PRODUCT Features that accelerate process manufacturing insights recognised. - Seeq Corporation has announced the release of its first update to the Seeq software application in 2018, staying on plan to provide four new releases each year. This is the eighth release of Seeq software in just the past 24 months, driven by input from customers expanding their use of Seeq.

PRODUCT Ultra-Fast USB load cell interface. - DSCUSB-FQ Fast USB Load Cell Interface from Applied Measurements, promises high speed readings of 4800 samples per second.

PRODUCT EMC filter. - Schaffner has introduced a new series of single-phase filters. The new high-performance filters are an extension to the standard variants of the FN 2070 series and are designed to meet the highest performance demands for single phase filters.

PRODUCT Digital charge amplifier. - Kistler's Type 5074A charge amplifier breaks new ground in industrial charge amplifier technology for the Industry 4.0 era. This unit is currently the only piezoelectric sensor amplifier on the market that offers communication based on real-time capable Industrial Ethernet.

NEWSSponsored skier at top of her game! - Gresham Power Electronics sponsored skier, Nicole Shering, has had a very successful year competing on indoor and outdoor surfaces. During this season, Nicole took part in 28 individual races on indoor and outdoor surfaces and she was U18 female winner in 20 of them and overall fastest female in 18 of the races, which is quite some achievement. She will go into the start of the 2018 season in April as the athlete that everyone now wants to beat.

APPLICATION Ensuring pure air in Scottish towns. - North Ayrshire Council operates a fixed continuous air quality monitoring station (AQMS from Air Montors) in Irvine High Street which supplies data to Scottish Air Quality website.

NEWS Distributorship of the year. - Anglia Components has been named Regional Distributor of the year 2017 by Panasonic. The award recognises Anglia's strong sales performance and investment in Panasonic's product range.

PRODUCT Compact alternative for linear measurement. - Novotechnik's TFD-4000 series short-stroke linear transducers, from Variohm, are an ideal and economic solution where minimal size, high environmental protection, extremely long life and high reliability are key factors for medium to high-volume OEM position control applications.

Publications Mission critical! - A new book, Mission-Critical Operations Primer by Steve Mustard, has been published that highlights the increasing industry importance of and growing career opportunities in mission-critical operations fields.

NEWS Partnership provides remote monitoring & control in Ethernet & Wireless for IIoT. - Acromag has announced a strategic partnership with Ctek, Inc. to offer complete monitoring and control solutions for customers to manage their remote assets.


Max Baenzigar
Max Bänziger is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and member of the Executive Committee of Schaffner.

APPLICATION Train derailment prompts contaminated land investigation. - On March 30th 2015 a long freight train, transporting a variety of goods including lumber and chemicals, wound its way through the state of Mississippi (USA). At around 5pm, part of the train failed to negotiate a curved portion of the track in a rural area near Minter City, resulting in the derailment of nine railcars, one of which leaked chemicals onto agricultural farmland and woodlands.

Publications Secure Remote Access for Dummies. - HMS Industrial Networks has released the book “Secure Remote Access for Industrial Machines for Dummies,” eWON® Special Edition.

NEWS Connectors award! - Electrical and Electronic component manufacturer Harting has awarded Northern Connectors, a British distributor of industrial cable, connectors and components, with its Specialist Distributor of the Year Award of 2017.


Brian Curtis
Brian Curtis, I. Eng., LCGI, a long time member of the Ireland Section, is 2018 Society President of The International Society of Automation (ISA).

PRODUCT Utra-compact high specification laser sensor. - A new matchbox-sized 2D laser triangulation sensor from RIFTEK, represented in Britain by Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd, combines a choice of red or blue laser sources with a power output of 0.95 mW for measurement ranges up to 500 mm and linearity to 0.05% of range.

PRODUCT Abnormal power events. - The new PQView 4 software, from Electrotek Concepts®, provides utilities with a platform to track and identify abnormal power quality events. PQView 4 offers the most advanced approach to fault detection and characterization of power quality anomalies on the utility’s distribution system.


During the period that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are working through their exit from the European Union (EU) we will endevour to bring items of particular interest and/or relevence to the automation sector in the process.


Introduction to Alarm Management
Yokogawa Training Course
London (GB)

Brexit Scenario Planning
Dublin (IRL)

National Manufacturing & Supply Chain 2018
Conference & Exhibtion - use #MSC18
Dublin (IRL)

ISA.Beamex Webinar
How to Document Safety Instrumented Systems Inspections and Tests

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics
Incorporating AutoAero
6/02/2018 to 8/02/2018
Farnborough (GB)

Introduction to Alarm Management
Yokogawa Training Course
Cork (IRL)

22nd Annual ARC Industry Forum
Digitizing and Securing Industry, Infrastructure, and Cities
12/02/2018 to 15/02/2018
Orlando (FL USA)

NEWS Leaders in Industrial IT. - Emerson has been named the 'Industrial IoT Company of the Year' by IoT Breakthrough. The award recognises Emerson's extensive innovation and leadership in driving Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and strategies for customers in manufacturing industries, including oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical, life sciences and others.

PRODUCT Planning for water & waste! - Krohne has renewed the "Planning Tool for generation of tender documents for industrial process measurement". The free online tool for easy compilation of tender documents for process instrumentation now features a new user interface for fast and easy navigation.

PRODUCT Robotic puncher! - The Moorebot Zeus Battle Robot from Pilot Labs, takes robot fighting to an entirely new level! The most sophisticated and powerful fighter robot on the market features 22 motors, wireless control and customizable design - perfect for the serious gamer and robot fighter hobbyist 25KG punch can demolish its opponents.

PRODUCT MES software rebuilt from ground up! - Version 7.0 of Lighthouse Systems' Shopfloor-Online MES Software has been announced. The new application delivers a completely new user experience, with increased configurability, enhanced analytics and reporting functionality.

NEWS Progressing the digital oilfield! - Endress+Hauser has aligned partnerships with Angus Measurement Services, TechnipFMC and its Authorized Service Provider, Vector Controls. The automation companies will collaborate to bring added value to the oil and gas industry, assisting customers with transition to the digital oilfield.

OrganisationsIrish automation professionals honoured. - The ISA Ireland Section Honours and Awards for 2017 was held in the august chambers of the Senior Common Room at University College Cork in December.

PRODUCT Load cell digitizer. - The compact DSC-USB interface, from Applied Measurements, is designed to convert strain gauge transducer signal into a digital output direct to the PC via the USB port.

PRODUCT Rugged tablet PC. - Rugged tablet PC by Endress+Hauser is ideal for commissioning and maintaining field instruments in hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

Education and Research Virtual Reality implementation. - Last December the Ireland Section of ISA recognised this project as worthy of their Innovation Project Award. It was adjudged to have met the criteria for this award: "To recognise a project which has made a significant contribution to the advancement of industry in Ireland through the use of Automation Technology." This project was entitled: Virtual Reality implemented as a design review tool on ‘Foundry of Future Project’

PRODUCT Strip to measure level! - This self-adhesive, capacitive sensor head with IP 64 protection for non-contact, continuous level detection on non-conductive vessel or pipe outer walls made of glass, plastic or ceramic is a useful instrument from Balluf.

PRODUCT Connectors aid fast panel assembly! - Cliff Electronics is now offering system integrators a new option of their range of FeedThough (FT) connectors. All models of their metal housed connector can be ordered with M3 threaded mounting holes facilitating simple panel assembly without the need for securing nuts and washers.

WEbinar SIS inspections & tests. - The International Society of Automation (ISA) and its promotional partner, Beamex, Inc., are to co-host a free webinar 31 January 2018 on documenting safety instrumented system (SIS) inspections and tests.

NEWS Serving New England & Up-state New York. - TriNova Inc. is to be exclusive Sales Representative and Authorized Service Provider for Endress+Hauser in New England and Upstate New York (USA).

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