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    PRODUCT Software support for machine designers. - Supporting its comprehensive range of electric, wireless and air actuated foot and hand switching controls, Herga Technology has added an easy-to-use 3D product viewer and CAD file download facility to its website.
    PRODUCT Flow computer & terminal unit! - The Y-Flow® product family from Yokogawa consists of the Y-Flow® YFFC (Field Flow Computer) and Y-Flow® YRTU (Remote Terminal Unit).

    PRODUCT Coaxial contact for RG 179 B/U. - LEMO has launched a new 3GHz contact that can be used in various insulator types, providing an alternative solution to HD – BNC in the broadcast market (HDTV, 4K, 8K).

    NEWS New rental partnership for NDT prods. - Ashtead Technology has been appointed as the preferred rental partner in Britain for all Silverwing products, a line of NDT inspection equipment by Eddyfi Technologies.

    NEWS Industrie 4.0 award in China. - Advantech has received an award from ROI Management Consulting for its Industry 4.0-compliant digital factory. The "ROI Industry 4.0 Award China" was given to Advantech at the awards ceremony in Shanghai.

    NEWS MES for pharma & biotech manufacturers in China. - Werum IT Solutions has expanded further its PAS-X Service Partner network. They have signed a partnership agreement with Neotrident. Based in Beijing with several local offices in China, Neotrident is a leading IT solutions provider to the Chinese life sciences industry.


Dick Morley
Richard E. "Dick" Morley - 1932-2017
Father of the PLC, Mentor, Innovator, Thinker, Educator. Friend.

    PRODUCT Industrial router for remote automation! - Westermo has launched an industrial ADSL and VDSL2 router/modem to provide robust and secure communications to remote industrial automation equipment.

    NEWS Three nominations for learning well! - Employees at the Boulting Group, are celebrating having received three nominations for the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) 2017 Awards.

    Webinar Cybersecurity in gas applications. - The International Society of Automation (ISA) and its Corporate Partner, Honeywell Process Solutions, will co-host a free webinar on 3 November 2017 on how to address cybersecurity concerns in gas metering and data management.

    PRODUCT Preventing transmission loss for television OBUs in wet weather. - Harting expanded beam fibre-optic cable assemblies prevent transmission loss for television outside broadcasts in harsh environmental conditions.

    NEWS Strengthing digital portfolio for exploration to production. - Emerson is to acquire Paradigm®, a leading provider of software solutions for the oil and gas industry, for a purchase price of $510 million, reflecting a multiple of 13 times expected 2017 EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization).

    PRODUCT Stainless steel housed converters. - Signal converters IFC 100 and MAC 100 as well as SMARTMAC 200 operating unit are now available in stainless steel housing from Krohne. Mainly targeted at applications in the food and beverage industry, they can be also used where high corrosion resistance is demanded, e.g. in salty environments.

    EVENTS Celebrating robotics. - UK Robotics Week 2018, with robotics activities and competitions is now open for early registration to schools, academic institutions and industry.

    PRODUCT Gearing specialist exhibits. - Aerospace, medical and automotive engineers will be able to speak with Harmonic Drive AG to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their applications at this year’s SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremberg (D). They will be launching its FHA-C Mini Servo Actuators with Absolute MZE encoder.

    PRODUCT Helping standardise PLC programming. - The development tool PLC Checker from Itris Automation is now available with a PLCopen® coding guidelines rules set allowing developers to automatically verify that their program respects this reference standard.

    NEWS Cable Entry and EMC Systems. - Foremost Electronics has been appointed as a distributor for Icotek GmbH. Icotek have been developing innovative cable entry and EMC cable shielding systems for over 15 years, hold a number of patents and are designed-in to global OEMs and leading companies in a wide number of industries.

    NEWS Serving Chile. - The new 2,300-square-meter facility for Endress+Hauser in Chile, opened recently, contains modern office space, an auditorium, conference rooms, a training center and a calibration laboratory. Customers and employees can expect a high-quality infrastructure and excellent work environment.

    PRODUCT Connectors in 1U, 19” rack. - Cliff Electronics is now offering system integrators 1U, 19” rack panels pre-assembled with up to 16 of their market–leading Feedthrough (FT) connectors to simplify system assembly, reduce manufacturing time, component count and cost.

    NEWS Award for automation platform with intrinsic cybersecurity. - Bedrock Automation has won Chemical Processing magazine’s Vaaler Award for the BedrockTM Open Secure AutomationTM system — the first universal industrial control system to be designed with intrinsic cyber security.

    PRODUCT Bluetooth with HART. - Many modern mobile devices only support Bluetooth Low Energy. iOS mobile devices in particular only support Bluetooth Low Energy. The world’s first Bluetooth Low Energy HART Modem has been launched by ProComSol.

    APPLICATION Wireless all the way... - After a decade of pioneering wireless technologies for industrial companies, Emerson predicts the next 10 years will see exponential growth in the adoption of wireless and pervasive sensing applications that help companies maximise safety and reliability, optimise production and enable Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) strategies.

    Publications Challenges during process analyzer engineering! - Process Analyzer Systems Project Engineering and Management by Gary Nichols, PE, CAP®, from the ISA (International Society of Automation) stable, is designed to eliminate or minimize the difficulties, breakdowns and other obstacles that process analyzer system engineers often encounter during project development, engineering and design, procurement, construction, closeout, and sustain phases.

    EVENTS Vision on show! - Registration is now open for Stemmer Imaging's Vision Technology Forum at the Silverstone Wing Exhibition and Conference Centre (GB), 15 -16 November 2017.

    APPLICATION And now the electric vehicle... - Sevcon in Gateshead (GB), which designs and manufactures high-quality motor controllers and system components for hybrid and electric vehicles, has driven efficiency into its equipment testing regimes by standardising TorqSense transducers from Sensor Technology.

    PRODUCT VOC sensors. - Alphasense has launched a new sensor for the measurement of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The new p-type Metal Oxide sensor is a broadband total VOC detector with a range of 0 to 100 ppm (isobutylene) and 10-50 ppb detection limit, depending on the VOC.

    OrganisationsRecognising Irish service to autoamtion. - The Ireland section of ISA is seeking nominations from the General Membership for the three categories.This section has been recognising service, innovation and mastery in the discipline of instrumentation, measurement, control and automation in Ireland since 1977.

    NEWS Gas analysis leader moves into pleasing premises. - Ion Science has completed the move into its new state-of-the-art £4.5 million, 1500m² facility. It is perhaps one of the most architecturally pleasing premises to have come to our attention.

    NEWS Acquisition enhances integrity in oil & gas industry offering. - Emerson has acquired GeoFields, the leading global supplier of software and implementation services for pipeline integrity data collection, management and risk analysis for the oil and gas industry.

    Webinar Celebrating strain gauge birthday! - To help start the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the strain gauge, which will take place next year; HBM is running a series of webinars, which will take place on 14 -17 November 2017 at 9am.

    PRODUCT Connecting machines to the Internet. - The new 4G LTE EU (Europe) extension card for eWON Flexy, an advanced IIoT gateway and remote access router, has been announced by HMS Industrial Networks. This enables Flexy users to access, monitor and control machinery remotely over the cellular 4G network.


    Phillipa Wolfarth
    Philippa Wolfarth is Internal Sales Executive with the AcSoft Group.

    PRODUCT Infrared pyrometers range expanded. - Fluke® Process Instruments has expanded their Endurance® Series high-temperature ratio infrared pyrometers to include a new, rugged noncontact fiber-optic (FO) measurement system with single and two-color models.

    APPLICATION Leak checking tanks. - When a tanker ship is having maintenance, the leak check of the tanks is an important part of the final safety procedure. Portable oxygen analyzers, such as the GPR-1100 from Analytical Industries Inc. (AII), sister company of Michell in Process Sensing Technologies (PST), are the preferred tools used for this purpose.

    PRODUCT 3D imaging technology camera. - Stemmer Imaging has been appointed as an approved supplier for Intel® RealSense™ technology and will promote and provide support services to accelerate the integration of the latest 400 series of Intel RealSense™ 3D imaging technology into real world applications.

    Education and Research Top trends to influence automation in 2018. - National Instruments (NI), released their NI Trend Watch 2018. The report examines the technological advances propelling our future faster than ever before along with some of the biggest challenges engineers face looking ahead to 2018.

    PRODUCT Accurate energy consumption data. - The Tinytag Energy Logger is a portable, non-invasive and easy to use device for recording single and three phase power usage. It can be a useful tool in helping organisations monitor energy consumption in line with ESOS, ISO 50001, and other energy management requirements.

    NEWS Partnership to provide most comprehensive PCI Express® 4.0 Test System. - Anritsu Company U.S. and Teledyne LeCroy have formed a partnership to provide the industry's most capable PCI Express® 4.0 (PCIe Gen4) test solution, integrating the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) MP1900A BERT with the LabMaster 10Zi-A oscilloscope and QPHY-PCIe4-Tx-Rx software from Teledyne LeCroy.

    PRODUCT Low power pressure transmitter. - Endress+Hauser added a 1-5 VDC Low Power output option to the PMP71 pressure transmitter that draws only 17 milliwatts of power at 9V, making the PMP71 consume less power during operation than any other voltage-output pressure transmitter in the market.

    Paul Gruhn
    Paul Gruhn of aeSolns is to be President -elect/Secretary of the International Society of Automation. (ISA).

    Publications Shaping smarter cities. - Mouser Electronics has announced a series of compelling e-books that provide in-depth views of leading-edge technology featured in the Shaping Smarter Cities series, part of Mouser's award-winning Empowering Innovation Together™ programme.

    APPLICATION Quality Managers are the Leaders! - Jennifer Sillars, Product Marketing Executive for Ideagen tells why quality managers are the leaders that manufacturing needs using the experience of one of their client companies, HepcoMotion.

    APPLICATION Proof of concept test of pump monitoring. - Yokogawa has begun working with Iwaki Co., Ltd. on a proof-of-concept (PoC) test for a remote pump monitoring service. The PoC test will examine the market potential for such a service and investigate means by which it may be offered.

    PRODUCT Analyser suitable for inverter driven motors. - The new version Fluke® 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyser also supports measurements for inverter driven motors. It simplifies the process of motor performance diagnosis by providing analysis data for both the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the motor while it is in operation.

    Education and Research Cybersecurity Training Course. - An ISA course (ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist - IC32), scheduled for venues in Ireland and England, provides a detailed look at how the ISA/IEC62443 standards can be used to protect your critical control systems.

    EVENTS Flow and Radar Level measurement. - Endress+Hauser will introduce a new range of instruments for flow measurement as well as a new instrument portfolio for radar level measurement at SPS IPC Drives (28-30 November 2017) in Nuremberg,(D).

    PRODUCT Connector housings. - Harting has expanded its Han® M range of industrial connector housings with a new series of bulkhead hoods with significantly increased resistance to external influences including dust, dirt and liquids.

    Education and Research Degree in Process Automation & Instrumentation. - The Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB - IRL) has just launched a new 3 year Bachelor of Science Degree in Process Instrumentation & Automation under their Learn + Work model.

    NEWS Partnership formalises complementary skill set. - ProComSol has formed strategic and business partnership with Smart Embedded Systems located in Silicon Valley, USA. Smart Embedded Systems (SES) has developed a firmware based HART PSK (9600/1200 BPS) and FSK (1200 BPS) modem to complement their HART 7 compliant communication stack.

    PRODUCT Troubleshooting electrical systems safer and more efficiently. - The new Fluke® T6 Electrical Testers with FieldSense Technology make troubleshooting safer and more efficient by allowing electricians to take simultaneous voltage and current measurements, not just detection, without test leads.

    People Automation and electric drive systems pioneer passes! - Günter Baumüller, Managing Director of Baumüller Holding, died on Monday after a short but serious illness, surrounded by his family. He was 77 years old. He was until recently actively involved in the company's activities


    Douglas Barth
    Douglas Barth as Senior Global Product Manager with Servomex.

    EVENTS Seminars on Petroleum,Refining,Environmental Monitoring. - The organisers of PEFTEC 2017 (Antwerp B) have published details of a comprehensive series of seminars that will follow the event's themes of testing, analysis and monitoring in the petrochemical sectors.

    Web Site Supporting datacentres! - To support the smooth running of data centres, Fluke has developed a web microsite specifically targeting those running and maintaining the infrastructure. The site provides a range of downloadable information for Data Centre Facility Managers, Contractor Services Managers, electrical engineers and UPS, HVAC, mechanical and electrical technicians.

    PRODUCT Finding and fixing difficult-to-detect software bugs quickly! - Ashling Microsystems has just announced a new debug probe for NXP's SmartMX3 secure microcontroller platform. This high performance probe supports the development of applications and operating-systems for security controller ICs which can involve substantial amounts of complex software.

    PRODUCT Open channel flow meter. - The Dynasonics® iSonic 4000 flow meter, an economical solution for a wide range of open channel flow measurement applications, has been introduced by Badger Meter.

    Rich Sorelle
    Rich Sorelle has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Abaco Systems.

    PRODUCT Message analysis for vehicles. - Anritsu Corporation has launched its V2X 802.11p Evaluation Software MX727000A, the first of its kind solution that supports V2X message analysis for US, EU and Japan vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside (V2X) communications standards.

    PRODUCT Asset Management Solution. - Ashtead Technology has launched a new 'Asset Management Solution' for a number of major brands in the occupational safety and environmental monitoring sectors.

    EVENTS Visual analytics software. - Integration between Seeq visual analytics software and Emerson Process Management offerings, and customer use cases of Seeq with Emerson automation system products, will be featured at the Emerson Global Users Exchange conference in Minneapolis (MN USA).

    NEWS Supply and technology partnership announced! - ABB and Northvolt have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a wide-ranging supply and technology partnership, including products and services for Northvolt's state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery factory and close collaboration on development of battery solutions and R&D activities.

Meán Fomhair 2017 September
    Education and Research Only 1 in 20 have clear business case for IIoT. - Manufacturers are convinced the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will help them improve operations and profitability by 10% or more, but most are struggling to develop the right plans to take advantage of the technology, according to a new IndustryWeek survey sponsored by Emerson.

    Publications Handbook for temperature. - ABB has released a new in-depth handbook explaining how to maximise temperature measurement accuracy in industrial applications.

    NEWS Optical test solutions. - Microlease has added a new manufacturer to its distribution product portfolio: SYCATUS, specialists in noise and delay measurement in optical transmission components and systems. Under the agreement Microlease will sell SYCATUS optical test solutions throughout Europe.

    NEWS New premises in Lyon. - Endress+Hauser has invested €4.9 million in a new building in Lyon. As well as 25 sales and service employees from Endress+Hauser, nine employees from the European headquarters of Kaiser Optical Systems will move into the new facility.

    Education and Research No escape even for agrochemicals! - New robotics is already quietly transforming many aspects of agriculture, and the agrochemicals business is no exception. Here, intelligent and autonomous robots can enable ultraprecision agriculture, potentially changing the nature of the agrochemicals business. In this process, bulk commodity chemical suppliers will be transformed into speciality chemical companies, whilst many will have to reinvent themselves, learning to view data and artificial intelligence (AI) as a strategic part of their overall crop protection offerings.

    PRODUCT No more fumbling in the dark! - The G233 is a 3U CompactPCI serial card from Men Mikro Elektronik, with a 3.12" OLED display on the front, which enables the immediate display of diagnostics status and error messages.

    Publications Automation authors recognised! - The recipients of the 2017 author awards presented annually by ISA's Publications Department have been announced.

    PRODUCT Modular safety system (SIL3). - Following its recent certification as Ireland's first and only Siemens Factory Safety Specialist, (see our story "Unique recognition in Ireland" May 2017), Douglas Control and Automation are showcasing the Siemens safety PLC range.

    NEWS Gas leak detectors. - Ashtead Technology has been appointed as the preferred distributor and rental partner for the GES Gas-Tec (Mk4 & Mk5) FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detectors.

    PRODUCT IR temperature sensor with IO-Link. - Balluff has developed a new BTS infrared temperature sensor with IO-Link interface and two switching outputs. It can monitor temperatures between 250 and 1250 °C even in inaccessible or hazardous areas, detect hot objects in motion and record temperature values - all without contact.

    PRODUCT Sliding frame connector. - Harting's new Han-Modular® Sliding Frame is a docking connector designed for use with motor control centres that incorporates a test position in addition to the normal mated and unmated positions.

    PRODUCT Connect to CIP Safety. - The IXXAT Safe T100 safety module from HMS now supports the CIP Safety protocol according to CIP Volume 5 V2.14. Previously available for PROFIsafe, the new IXXAT Safe T100/CS, enables easy, module-based implementation of secure IOs for CIP Safety.

    EVENTS Intelligent components and system solutions for digitization and networking - Baumüller, the automation expert from Nuremberg, is presenting its exhibits for its main theme "Enabling Industry 4.0" at SPS IPC Drives 2017. The trade fair visitors will be able to see how Baumüller makes the smart digitization and networking of machines and systems possible for its customers with intelligent components and solutions, thus creating the successful connections and interfaces for Industry 4.0.

    Education and Research EMI in fieldbusses. - Electromagnetic compatibility specialist EMC Standards invites bookings to a one-day training course about maintaining PROFIBUS and PROFINET reliability in modern industrial environments. The event is scheduled for the offices of Endress + Hauser in Manchester (GB) on November 22, 2017 and is targeted at installers, systems integrators and the wider industrial datacomms community.

    PRODUCT Higher exit power by combining several multimode lasers. - Laser Components has extended its product range with fibre optic pump combiners by Lightel. With these passive components, pump signals of up to 36 laser sources can be bundled to achieve higher exit powers in high-energy fiber lasers.

    PRODUCT 3-wire differential speed sensor IC. - Allegro MicroSystems has announced a new optimised Hall-effect three-wire differential speed sensor integrated circuit (IC) and permanent magnet pellet combination.

    PRODUCT 3GHz coaxial contact. - Lemo has launched a new 3GHz coaxial contact (75 ohm) designed for RG 179 B/U type cable, that can be used in various insulator types, providing an alternative solution to HD – BNC in the broadcast market (HDTV, 4K, 8K).

    NEWS Moisture management manufacturer acquired. - The IMKO Micromodultechnik GmbH, a manufacturer of innovative moisture measurement systems has been acquired by the Endress+Hauser Group. IMKO's headquarters are remain in Ettlingen (D), and the company's 19 employees have been retained.

    Webinar 80 GHz – Allrounder or Overrated? - A webinar "80 GHz – Allrounder or Overrated? Radar level measurement: a practical comparison" is being presented by Krohne on October 18, 2017 at 4PM (CEST). It will present a general overview about the current situation with 80 GHz transmitters as there have been many statements and articles circulating on this topic lately.

    NEWS MP visits scottish instrument company. - Edinburgh Instruments welcomed Hannah Bardell, their local MP at Westminster (GB), and the SNP spokesperson for Small Business, Enterprise and Innovation recently. This was a follow up visit after their office expansion in 2015.

    Education and Research Inspiring more females into the industry. - SolutionsPT hosted local primary and secondary school pupils at their Cheadle (GB) HQ, as part of a 'Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) for Girls' day, designed to encourage more girls to pursue STEM subjects and careers.

    Standards Capturing and transmitting process automation knowledge. - The work of the ISA106 standards committee, Procedure Automation for Continuous Process Operations, is intended to provide a framework for building some of that knowledge into automated procedures. This is especially important for such plant procedures as startup, shutdown, product grade change and the like – as studies have shown that plants are particularly vulnerable to safety incidents caused by inexperienced operators performing unfamiliar manual functions during such key operations.

    EVENTS Automation and the city! - More and more people are moving to the city – a trend that presents major hurdles. In order to prevent a shortage of resources and improve quality of life, the city of the future must be more efficient and more sustainable. At SPS IPC Drives, COPA-DATA will be exhibiting on how urban areas can start gearing up for these future challenges now.

    NEWS Connectivity solution wins security certification. - The remote connectivity solution, eWON Talk2M, from HMS Industrial Networks, is now ISECOM STAR security certified.

    PRODUCT Radar level instrument. - The 80 GHz Micropilot FMR6x free space radar level instrument for process applications has been introduced Endress+Hauser. It is suitable for use in tanks or silos with complex geometries, obstacles, baffles and/or nozzles.

    PRODUCT Cloud based SHM packages! - HBM has announced its capabilities in offering complete customised, end to end cloud-based structural health monitoring (SHM) packages. The packages include all associated hardware, software, installation, and monitoring requirements, along with cloud-based data access for each customer.

    PRODUCT Miniature Sensors for force, displacement, pressure, strain and acceleration. - The Micro-Measurements® brand of Vishay Precision Group, industry experts in the design, development, and manufacture of resistive-foil sensors for high-precision strain measurements, has introduced a new range of miniature, lightweight hybrid sensors, offering cost-effective force, displacement, pressure, strain and acceleration measurements within high-volume OEM and test applications

    PRODUCT World's first LiFi enabled light bar! - The world's first LiFi enabled light bar will be demonstrated by pureLiFi and Linmore LED at Lux Live. (LiFi is high speed bi-directional networked and mobile communication of data using light. LiFi comprises of multiple light bulbs that form a wireless network, offering a substantially similar user experience to Wi-Fi except using the light spectrum.)

    PRODUCT Distribution blocks: Simply unpack, connect, and you're done! - The new PTFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact can be used straight away without manual bridging, enabling space savings of up to 80%.

    PRODUCT Testing low frequency sensors - To characterise the performance of its low frequency sensors in that range below 2Hz, which is too low for most test shakers, Monitran has developed a new high displacement test rig that can generate oscillations accurately at frequencies as low as 0.2 Hz.

    White Paper Monitoring of mercury emissions. - Gasmet Technologies has published a new White Paper on the monitoring of mercury emissions to air from industrial processes.

    PRODUCT All-round industrial camera. - A newly developed generation of their successful uEye SE industrial camera family is being launched by IDS. The camera will be available as both a GigE and USB 3.1 Type-C connection – in each case screw-on – as a housing version or as a board stack version, and with a broad range of CMOS sensors with rolling or global shutter.

    APPLICATION Safe switching for surgical equipment. - Herga Technology is supplying 6448 bellows footswitch and 6763 airswitches to Cipher Surgical Ltd for its OpClear® laparoscope lens cleaning system.

    PRODUCT Motion controller ideal for robots. - Aerotech's HEX RC is a 6-axis motion controller ideal for controlling robotic systems like hexapods. The HEX RC is 4U rack-mountable and compatible with the Automation 3200 (A3200) motion platform.

    APPLICATION Simulating Agricultural Climate Change Scenarios using Controlled Growth Chambers - For researchers to study the effects of climate change on plant growth using growth chambers or greenhouses, highly accurate CO2 measurements are required. A Spanish team used the Edinburgh Sensors Guardian sensor in their greenhouses to provide precise, reliable CO2 measurements.

    PRODUCT Small TFT displays. - Small TFT displays with an easy to integrate SPI interface and a power consumption of just 3mA have been introduced by andersDX.

    NEWS Display distribution award. - Midas Displays, the specialist display manufacturer and supplier, have presented its first annual sales channel award to distribution partner Farnell element14 for their contribution in delivering exceptional sales growth and generating new design-in opportunities in an expanding global marketplace.

    APPLICATION Wastewater treatment plant! - The City of Lynchburg, Virginia (USA) has selected the Bedrock Automation control system for its wastewater treatment operations. The City implemented Bedrock to control both de-chlorination and storm water remediation operations, and is planning other integration and control applications as part of its ongoing modernization program.

    NEWS Programme helping high quality water treatment. - AdEdge Water Technologies has joined the Endress+Hauser OEM Business Partner Program. The two companies will collaborate together to ensure technology alignment, improve operating efficiencies and explore new opportunities to trim cost, mitigate risk and develop new service models that ultimately deliver more value for our mutual end user customers.

    PRODUCT Large massflowmeters introduced. - New large line sizes have been added as standard for Krohne's OPTIMASS series: for OPTIMASS 6400, diameters DN150/6" and DN200/8" have been added, and OPTIMASS 2400 is now available up to DN400/16".

    NEWS Life sciences European HQ opened in Britain! - The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson officially opened TraceLinks's new European HQ in Uxbridge (GB) last week.

    Web Site Switches, sensors & touchscreens showcased! - A new website has been launched by Hoffmann + Krippner. This showcases their complete product portfolio, including membrane switches, potentiometers, touchscreen solutions and various sensors.

    Mike Hughes
    Schneider Electric has appointed Mike Hughes as Zone President of Britain and Ireland.

    PRODUCT Pressure sensor with E1 automotive approval. - With E1 automotive approval, a wide selection of pressure ports and electrical interfaces plus an extensive choice of range options, Variohm's new and competitively priced SMO3100 series ratiometric transducer (pdf) will suit applications in demanding automotive environments such as motorsports, off-road vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery.

    PRODUCT Strain gauge bonding service. - Applied Measurements offer a complete design, bonding and wiring service from one-off projects to high volume applications. What's more, they can even bond and wire onto their customers' own free-issued hardware.

    PRODUCT Controller designed for automation versatility and IIoT-enabled. - Emerson is launching the DeltaV™ PK Controller, making the advanced automation of its DeltaV distributed control system (DCS) available to fast-growth industries traditionally less reliant on large-scale automation.

    PRODUCT Free lens with thermal imager. - Fluke is offering thermal imager kits which include a free telephoto lens (FLK-TIxx0 9HZ/T2) or wide-angle lens (FLK-TIxx0 9HZ/W2) with a Fluke Ti300, Ti400 or Ti450 Thermal Imager to extend the focus and the desired viewing angle until 31st December 2017.

    NEWS Award for sustainable business processes. - Endress+Hauser has received a Gold Recognition Level certificate in the EcoVadis audit, improving on the previous year's result with 66 points.

    Publications Approaching safety instrumented system design. - A new book, Safety Instrumented System Design: Techniques and Design Verification, is intended to help companies achieve cost-effective safety improvements through a performance- and standards-based approach to Safety Instrumented System design and has been published by the International Society of Instrumentation (ISA).

    APPLICATION Sensors aid tidal turbine development. - Non-contact torque sensors from Sensor Technology are playing a key role in the development of commercial-scale in-stream tidal turbines produced by OpenHydro.

    NEWS European Rail Industry award. - The Harting Technology Group has received the Railsponsible CSR Award in Berlin. "The company has been committed to sustainability for over 20 years and is a pioneering force in the field of environmental management.", said Uwe Günther - CPO Deutsche Bahn AG and Chairman of Railsponsible.


    Lee Cresswell
    Lynx Software Technologies has appointed Lee Cresswell to a worldwide role as Vice President of Sales.

    PRODUCT Advanced visualisation enabled. - Seeq Corporation has announced a technology integration with business intelligence provider Tableau. With the integration, Seeq customers can leverage Tableau's advanced visualisation tools for their time series data, and Tableau users can leverage Seeq for data wrangling and modeling prior to visualisation in Tableau.

    EVENTS Symposium unaffected by Harvey! - The International Society of Automation remain committed to bringing their support to Heuston in the wake of huricane Harvey with their International Instrumentation Symposium (IIS), 7-8 November. A Cybersecurity training course is being held in conjunction with this years event.

    EVENTS A glimpse into the future. - National Instruments is hosting NIDays Conference and Exhibition, "the ultimate learning experience that unites the brightest minds in engineering and science." This year, NIDays London (GB) is scheduled for a new venue, Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher (GB), on Tuesday 28th November 2017.

    Publications Old publication new format! - With the advance of time and the advent of electronic communication , the cost of distribution, and the success of our internet presence we have discontinued the paper edition of Read-out. In its place we are publishing an e-newsletter.

    EVENTS Where sensors come to life! - Sensors & Instrumentation is Britain's only dedicated sensors show. It is scheduled for Birmingham's NEC later this month (26/27 September 2017). Seb Amos of GAMBICA (The Institute of Instrumentation and Control and The Worshipful Company of Scientific Makers) will present a seminar entitled "A Brief History and Future of Instrumentation" that examines how we got here and how our Industry needs to engage to become leaders in the march for the Digitisation of Industry.

    PRODUCT Communicator app for HART. - The first iOS based Smart Device Communicator Application for HART instruments has been announced by ProComSol. The App uses the Device Descriptor (DD) for the connected HART device so the user has full access to every Parameter and Method in the device.

    PRODUCT Controlling IR Sensor arrays. - Laser Components has introduced TEESS (TEmpe Electronics & Software Set), an electronic control module for its own IG series of complex IR sensor arrays.

    NEWS Touchscreen solutions! - A new manufacturing partnership has been announced by Hoffmann + Krippner. It is with leading German manufacturer OKW Gehäuse GmbH.


    Billy Walsh Irish candidate.
    Billy Walsh B.Sc., a member of the Ireland Section of Internationl Society of Automation, is one of three candidates for the presidency of the organisation.

    PRODUCT US flow in high temperatures! - An inline 2-path ultrasonic flowmeter for flow measurement at elevated process temperature and pressure has been introduced by Krohne. Their OPTISONIC 4400 is available in two versions: high temperature (HT) and high pressure (HP).

    EVENTS Spectrum analysis on the road! - Anritsu Corporation will be hitting the road in many European countries again this October to talk to engineers about how they can address the ever-increasing complexity and performance requirements of Spectrum Analysers.

    PRODUCT Narrow surge protection! - Phoenix Contact now offers the narrowest surge protective devices on the market with the Termitrab complete product range.

    PRODUCT Cloud based asset management service. - Microlease Ltd has unveiled LEO 2, a new cloud-based Asset Management solution, which can be used to manage any moveable or fixed asset, including test instruments.

    NEWS Helping Texas plants hit by Harvey. - Endress+Hauser and its partner for Sales and Service, Vector Controls and Automation Group in LaPorte, Texas, are coordinating efforts. More than 70 technicians and engineers are in the area, and Endress+Hauser is anticipating needs by increasing production at its US manufacturing facilities. Endress+Hauser and Vector Controls will be providing 24/7 support as customers work to get operations back online.

    PRODUCT 4-Wire Measurement connectors. - The Schützinger GmbH Kelvin range of simple to use and space saving Four-Wire Measurement connectors are now available through JPR Electronics.

    Education and Research Research reveals barrier to serialisation compliance. - According to new industry research conducted by SEA Vision and Zenith Technologies more than half (54%) of industry professionals believe that the cost of implementing serialization is the greatest hurdle to compliance. The research highlighted that the substantial investment required to implement a serialization solution is cause for concern ahead of regulatory deadlines in the US and Europe.

    NEWS Cybersecurity certification. - Exida, LLC has certified the Yokogawa ProSafe-RS to the ISASecure® Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification level 1.The Yokogawa ProSafe-RS Safety Control System is Yokogawa's second product to be certified to the ISASecure Conformance Scheme.

    APPLICATION Precision in rough seas! - The British National Oceanography Centre (NOC) researchers need to be able to analyse samples on board a variety of research vessels. Under these conditions, high levels of precision and reliability can be a challenge for most laboratory equipment, so NOC has invested in SEAL Analytical segmented flow analyzers (SFAs) - the AA3 and the QuAAtro.

    NEWS Strategic relationship to accelerate life sciences product pipelines. - Emerson has selected Enterprise System Partners (ESP), a global consulting and project engineering company, to collaborate with and assist life sciences manufacturers in implementing Syncade manufacturing execution systems to improve operations management and accelerate product manufacturing pipelines for new biotech and pharmaceutical therapies.

    PRODUCT Batch measurement option. - Edinburgh Instruments have announced a new batch measurement option to their Fluoracle software for the FS5 spectrofluorometer and FLS1000 Fluorescence Spectrometer.

    PRODUCT Extreme switchgear and sensors. - Two recent additions to steute's "Extreme" range are the Ex 97 and the Ex 99 position switch series with standard dimensions to DIN EN 50047 and DIN EN 50041. They are anti-corrosive, dust-proof and extremely impact-resistant.

    PRODUCT Tester Kit money-saving offers. - Fluke UK is offering two money-saving 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Tester Kits until the end of the year.

    PRODUCT Variable speed drives. - WEG has expanded its CFW500 series of variable speed drives (VSDs) to enable users in a wide range high-power applications achieve further energy efficiency.

    PRODUCT Pyrometer with IO-Link. - Balluff has developed a new BTS infrared temperature sensor with IO-Link interface and two switching outputs. It can monitor temperatures between 250 & 1250°C even in inaccessible or hazardous areas.

    Publications Digital attacks on control systems! - Boulting Technology, has released an infographic detailing history's top five industrial computer viruses. The infographic educates industries that rely on computer control systems on how the lack of preventative measures against viruses and hackers can lead to costly downtime due to lost or stolen data.

    NEWS IO-Link into OPC UA. - The IO-Link community has founded a technical working group for specifying the integration of IO-Link into OPC UA based on existing use cases.

    Graham Machin

    The next President of The Institute of Measurement and Control will be Prof Graham Machin, takes office in January 2018.

    NEWS Connectors & desiging for Europe. - Harting and PEI-Genesis are to offer harsh environment connector solutions and engineering design expertise to customers across Europe, thanks to a new distribution agreement effective September 1, 2017.

    APPLICATION Reliable protection from hazardous gases and vapours in port! - As the largest integrated (petro) chemical cluster in Europe, the Port of Antwerp is committed to ensuring the on-going health & safety of their employees working in the area. As a result, the port authority is now one of the largest users of Cub personal volatile organic compound (VOC) monitors from Ion Science.

    PRODUCT Strain gauge for PCB testing! - The Micro-Measurements® brand of Vishay Precision Group has announced the global market introduction of its S5198, a miniature rectangular planar rosette strain gage pattern for printed circuit board (PCB) testing, incorporating Advanced Sensors Technology.

    PRODUCT Industrial computer system certified. - Harting's MICA industrial computer system has been certified as meeting the requirements of Microsoft's "Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT" programme.
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