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  • After all that browsing do you fancy a drink? Visit the internet's only authentic Irish Pub.
    Come in, sit down, and have a pint. So then... what do you fancy? Some light entertainment, scientific discussion, or maybe a fiesty argument over political issues.Or maybe you'd just like a cool refreshing Baileys Irish Cream and today's Newspapers.
    Perhaps it's too early for a visit to the pub and you would prefer a Sizzling Irish Breakfast and maybe even order the real thing for delivery in America!
    Mayby you would like to trace your ancestors. Have a look at the Irish National Archive Site where there are also links to other archive sites.

    Or maybe you like Art Nouveau or Art Deco products available from Mitofsky Antiques.

  • Giles Norman produces the most beautiful evocative photographs of Ireland.
  • The Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost
    Measurement, Control and Automation Resources throughout the World


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    If you are bored with Instruments!
    A page for those who ask "What exactly are instruments anyway?

    Background for the border on the left shows a Galway Bay Hooker in full sail.

  • There are some useful things to be seen in the eleven languageEuropean Union's Home Page.

    Here is the Irish Government web site.

    The Readout Instrumentation Site is situated in Dublin, Ireland and an interactive map is mantained at University College Dublin. There are quite a number of interesting links on Damien Luby's Ireland Page.

    An interesting site aimed particularly at our Emigrants is The Irish Emigrant. This ePublication features news, views and its subsidiary publication The IE Professional features business, financial and academic news including jobs.

    Here is O'Connell Street, Dublin's main thoroughfare, right now.

  • A List of Business Web Pages in Ireland giving lots of Jump off points.

  • You may also be interested in working in the relaxed atmosphere of Ireland. If so you will be interested in the Irish Jobs Page and their are some I&C jobs on our own Jobs Page.

  • Of course you will want to be paid and over the next few years our currency is being changed to the EURO.
    The long awaited birth of the Euro - Europe's new currency was the 1st January 1999 and will be in general circulation by 2002. Our Euro page

    Ireland is surrounded by thriving sea which brings the pale Atlantic Salmon up its lovely rivers to spawn before returning to the deep! Welcome to The Connemara Smokehouse - Specialists in Wild & Organic Salmon!
    Watch what you eat! None of their products contain artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The only ingredients we use are fish, salt, smoke, herbs, sugar, honey & Irish whiskey. Their products cannot be bought in supermarkets and they supply direct all over the globe..
  • The language of Ireland is Irish (Gaelic). This is an ancient Celtic Language and is related to the Celtic Languages of Scotland (Gaidhlig), Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. Here are some links to Irish Language Sites.

  • If you collect stamps and would like to exchange them with worldwide collectors here are some addresses.

  • Visit our Peace Page

  • We have also included a Spiritual Page which includes a CyberShrine.

    Feeling really down? Click here

    Visit Smiley Land

    Some other Interests!

    The Stars and Planets?

    Classical Horn

    Birds of Ireland

  • Missing Irish People

    Have you seen any of these people?
    If you want a nice place to stay in West Connemara we recomend Lough Fadda for a really warm welcoming stay in the most beautiful part of the West - well so we're told!

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