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What is Read-out?
History and development is here! We outline this briefly with further links.

How do I contact Read-out?
All contact details are listed here! Postal Address, email address, telephone, and also our Loc8 number (If you are looking for us on a map or driving!) We also have some advice on how to leave a voicemail message from Utube. We do have a SKYPE address too (Read-out) but sometimes we don't have sufficient bandwidth for satisfactory use. This page also lists suppliers of services to us.

Can I advertise on the website - The Read-out Instrumentation Signpost?
Yes we welcome advertisers and we have listed rates here. Prices are in Euro (€) but if you have a special requirement please contact Eoin Ó Riain. (Remember we have a spam filter and you may get an instruction as to how you can allow youe message to arrive in our mailbox.)

What about advertising in the print publication - Read-out.
We welcome advertisements in this publication. Prices are here. They are given in €uro, US$ and Pounds Sterling (£). It is a good idea to contact us as there are various possibilities especially for series advertising over a number of issues. (Remember we have a spam filter and you may get an instruction as to how you can allow your message to arrive in our mailbox.)

How frequently is the news section on the Signpost updated?
News is updated on a daily basis. The Read-out Face Book page is updated automatically as news is entered on our blogs and the home page is updated each morning. The Events Page is updated weekly and sometimes more frequently as we are advised of events.

How frequently is Read-out published?
Read-out is published every two months at present. It is distributed by post. A brief description is published on the web with a copy of the first page.

How much does it cost to subscribe for a copy?
There is usually no charge for copies distributed within Ireland but there is a charge for copies to off-shore issues. Subscriptions may be made in any of three currencies as indicated here.

How many receive Read-out?
About 2000 on average people receive it every two months. This figure varies from issue to issue and sometimes it is as high as 2400. About 50 copies go offshore. (Further statistics!).

How many visit the website?
This varies from month to month, on average the figure seems to have settled at about 4000 per week. Blogs attract an average of over 2000 per month. Note that hits are quite different to visits and are usually quite spectacularly higher at about 120,ooo per month on average. We periodically publish these and other website statistics figures here.

Is Read-out on any social network sites?
Yes! We are inveterate tweeters ( @ReadoutSignpost see right hand column). As mentioned elsewhere we also have a facebook presence the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost Fan Page! and on LinkedIn (Eoin Ó Riain).

Does Read-out mantain a blog site?
We mantain three blog sites. One is on Googles Blogger platform This is mostly press releases for new products and other news. There are two on the WordPress platform, which has more editorial and sometimes research or details of new technologies. The second Wordpress blog is which we use when we have a lot of releases from a single event, exhibition or conference.

How often do you check your SPAM box?

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The site is mantained by Eoin Ó Riain and any suggestions or thoughts are more than welcome.
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