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The First Read-out

In the middle Eighties.

Read-out in 1990
November 1996 issue
First full colour issue.

Read-out Instrumentation Signpost
logo IILRead-out first appeared as the company journal for Industrial Instruments Ltd (IIL) in the seventies and it was published periodically until IIL closed in 1987.

When IIL closed Eoin Ó Riain started to publish regularly every second month from 1989 on.

This succeeded and Read-out today is sent to 2000 named professionals throughout Ireland and beyond. It is recognised throughout Ireland as the premier resource for information in the country for Automation.

The first Directory of Instrumentation in Ireland was published by Read-out in 1991. It continued for a number of years - until 1996 - eventually been superceded as have other printed directors by the various search engines on the internet, such as that provided by the ISA's Directory of Instrumentation and Globalspec.

In the early nineties there was much discussion about a new means of communication - the internet - and Read-out investigated this and ways in which it could be harnessed to assist its readers.

First a search was conducted to find sites concerning measurement, control and automation throughout the world. These were compiled in to what nowadays would be called an e-newsletter and this was sent to readers of the magazine who had email addresses at the time.

There was however one disadvantage with this method of doing things. When the newsleter was sent out the information it contained was no longer available.

To make a long story short the answer was found in this new thing called the Web – www. Even though the internet had been around for over twenty years the web was an innovation invented by the Englishman Tim Berners Lee (Knighted by the Queen of England for his work in 2004)

The Instrumentation Signpost was born in June 1994 and it grew from a single page on the first day to over 400 pages today visited by over quarter of a million visitors in 2003.

In 2009 we started a blog sites. There are two, one on blogspot, exclusively for press releases we receive and the other, on Wordpress, which includes material written by ourselves as well as special interest material such as studies, surveys and event reports.
The Read-out Instrumentation Signpost Fan Club is a useful way for facebook members to keep up with our blogs. Just become a fan and facebook does the rest.

Again in 2009 we have started to twitter and we have found this to be an invaluable resource. (If you are looking for process automation stuff for instance do a search for "#PAuto" for instance)

The Read-out Forum was inaugurated in 1998 as a means of examining subjects to our subscribers. There have been several of these to date one on Fieldbus another on "Measurement and Control in the age of communications", "Industrial Wireless" and "Industrial Communications".
More recently these have been held in conjunction with other events such as Pharmatex and IRCHEM.

In the beginning of 2004 Read-out relocated from Dublin to Conamara in the west of Ireland.

The pages are in English as the majority of the information is available in that language, though there is a substantial amount of information in Germen and French and other languages too.

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