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In today's process industries there are increasing demands for greater efficiency, higher reliability and lower cost of ownership of field equipment and supporting networks. The exciting world of wireless has opened up many possibilities not only in elimination the expense of signal cable laying but also the ability of measuring of previousable unreacheable places both within the plant and in remote lacations.

It is probable that everone now knows of wireless and that it is something thay can uses to help solve their measurement and control problems? But how many feel sufficiently knowlegeable to use it in their own plant.

Wi Fi
Wireless makes the impossible possible!

There are many wireless standards but in industry there are two which are fostered by the vendors in process automation. These are WirelessHART, based on the well known HART platform (IEC 62591). The second in the ISA 100 standard which is approved by the IEC as a publicly available specification, or PAS. Only the future will tell which standared (if any) gain full user confidence and approval.

The next issue of Read-out offers vendors to show how they are helping customers in this fairly new transmission system to lower costs and improve process efficiency.

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