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Nollaig 2017 December
    EVENTS LDAR returns to Texas. - The International Society of Automation's Leak Detection and Repair/Fugitive Emissions (LDAR) Symposium returns to Galveston, (TX USA) in 2018. They have now issued a call for papers.

    Website Communications co-operation - CiA publishes the LIN Supplier ID on the newly released LIN website. The website comprises also some basic information about LIN and related news. It will be extended in the next year, in order to give the LIN community a home again.

    NEWS First Globally in DCS. - With around 20% market share across industries, ABB is the leader of digitally enabled control and automation according to the ARC Advisory Group's "Distributed Control Systems Global Market 2016-2021" report.

    PRODUCT LED panel mounted indication. - The MARL 671 Series of High Voltage LED panel mounted indicator suitable for fixed and portable equipment and is internally potted making it suitable for high vibration applications is now available through Foremost Electronics.

    PRODUCT Wireless Test Set. - Anritsu Corporation has announced a LTE Category M software release for the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A to support RF tests of LTE Category M devices.

    video Time sensitive networking. - Time-sensitive networking (TSN) is a promising technology drawing a lot of attention at the moment, especially in the context of Industry 4.0, where it is generally viewed as the opportunity for better integration of OT networks into the IT networks of companies.

    PRODUCT System includes Intrinsic Anomaly Detection. - Bedrock Automation has announced its Bedrock™ Open Secure Automation (OSA™) firmware will include intrinsic Anomaly Detection (AD). Bedrock OSA AD will be available as standard integrated functionality that continuously monitors the controller's network and system time to detect intrusions and anomalous behavior.

    Publications Cloud analytics. - has created this Cloud Analytics eBook as a resource showing organizations both the technologies that can help efficiently leverage all their data, as well as strategies to fully connect and secure systems in the process.

    PRODUCT Linear actuator. - The new 35DBM high power Stepper Can Stack Linear Actuator has been introduced by Portescap.

    PRODUCT Transducer promises enhanced compatibility. - The news DRVL Rotary Torque Transducer from Applied Measurements promises greater compatibility and a larger speed range.

    PRODUCT Signal quality analyser enhanced. - Anritsu Corporation has released the Variable ISI MU195020A-040/041 option for upgrading the Emphasis function of the Pulse Pattern Generator for the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series, along with the USB Link Training Software MX183000A-PL022 supporting the USB3.0/3.1 Receiver Test.

    PRODUCT Rugged DAQ devices. - National Instruments (NI) has announced rugged, distributed and synchronized FieldDAQ devices - the most rugged NI DAQ devices ever created.

    Martin Ralph
    Don Dickinson of Phoenix Contact has been named as General Symposium Chair for the upcoming 2018 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls (WWAC) Symposium.

    PRODUCT Measuring tyre-rim pressure. - Interface Force Measurements has announced the launch of two new sensors for its tyre pressure monitoring system from XSensor.

    PRODUCT Smallest camera-based sensor. - Leuze Electronic has introduced the smallest camera-based sensor on the market for compartment fine positioning with high-bay storage devices in single-depth storage.

    PRODUCT Compact encoders offer syncronisation with PLCs. - As a recent addition to its PROFINET IRT protocol variants, Wachendorff's WDGA 58F absolute magnetic encoder features a minimum bus cycle time of 125 μs which is eminently suited to tightly synchronised multi-axis motion control on the fastest PLCs.

    PRODUCT Robust metal connectors for easy installation. - Harting is now offering its Han® PushPull Power L connectors in a robust metal format which allows more room for installation and simplifies the wiring process when the connectors are used with large conductor profiles.

    PRODUCT Mobile measurement! - Suitable for a wide range of servicing and calibration tasks, HBM's SCOUT55 provides a light weight and cost-effective solution.

    APPLICATION Withstanding catastrophe. - A chemical plant in southeast Texas relies on several Eclipse® Model 706 Guided Wave Radar (GWR) transmitters installed on sumps. In an email to MAGNETROL Global Product Manager Bob Botwinski, Chris Oglesby, a representative from Tech Quip in Houston, stated: "[The ECLIPSE 706 devices] held up to Harvey…even after being submerged for several days."

    NEWS T & M distribution in Britain. - A distribution agreement with Comtec Cable Accessories Ltd, a leading provider of components, equipment and services for the telecoms and datacoms industry has been announced by Anritsu.
    NEWS Commitment to 100% renewable energy! - Schneider Electric has committed to sourcing 100 per cent renewable electricity and is throwing light on the doubling of its energy productivity.

    PRODUCT Level switch with IO-Link. - LBFH and LBFI level switches with IO-Link and ATEX approval are available from Baumer. The IO-Link interface allows the user to automate the configuration of sensors.The inclusion of ATEX also enables the use of commercially available barriers. The sensors are suitable for hygienic and industrial applications.

    PRODUCT Report generation. - Ocean Data Systems (ODS) has announced that Dream Report is now a reference product in the Rockwell Automation Encompass™ Program.

    APPLICATION Mixer efficiencies. - Manchester University's School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences is leading world class developments in energy efficiency in the process industries. Researchers have incorporated TorqSense transducers into a test rig that is analysing losses in in-line mixers.

    APPLICATION High speed wireless test reduces costs. - Autotalks has endorsed Anritsu Corporation's RF calibration and validation test solution based on Anritsu's MT8870A high-speed wireless test platform.

8/12/2017 7/12/2017
    PRODUCT Rugged, compact IoT gateway/controller. - Adlink Technology's MXE-210 offers a small footprint and is fully operable in harsh environments from -40°C to 85°C, making it an ideal choice for industrial automation, transportation, agriculture/aquaculture, and smart city applications.

    PRODUCT ProfiNet I/O option for electromagnetic flowmeters. - ProfiNet I/O is now available for Krohne's OPTIFLUX, WATERFLUX and TIDALFLUX electromagnetic flowmeters with IFC 300 signal converter.

    PRODUCT Transformers for the safe measurement of heavy current. - Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG is introducing the SIRAX series of current transformers, as part of their marketing philosophy "everything from one source". This represents another milestone in the expansion of their product offering for heavy current engineering.

    PRODUCT Protected optical-fibre connector. - The new PushPull SFP XS fibre-optic connector, from Harting, is designed to address the biggest challenge to the use of optical connectors in industry: their susceptibility to dirt and damage to the contact surfaces forming the interface with the transceiver which converts the optical signal into an electrical signal.

    Education and Research Digital innovation! - The Digital Innovation Challenge, which has been organised in association with The University of Manchester, aims to showcase and recognise the capabilities of students in digital innovation. A prize of £2,500stg will be given to the individual or team that presents the best innovation to meet any challenge relating to Industry 4.0 – the term that describes the next generation of smart manufacturing.

    video Smart actuators. - Thomson Industries has released an educational video that summarises the benefits of smart actuators, which feature integrated electronics.

    PRODUCT MAC layer support! - National Instruments (NI) has announced MAC layer support for its LabVIEW Communications 802.11 Application Framework. Wireless researchers can take advantage of the new multiuser MAC layer enhancements to the 802.11 Application Framework to go beyond the PHY layer to address complex network-level problems that must be solved to make the 5G vision a reality.

    PRODUCT Design data from the Net. - Baum¨ller is integrating its converter family b maXX 5000 into the web-based EPLAN data portal. With all of the necessary data for over 40 products, the company is enabling its customers to save time during the design phase.

    Standards Standards co-operation in communication. - The PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) and OPC Foundation Joint Working Group are reported to be making good progress in the preparation of an OPC UA Companion Specification for PROFINET. This team was launched following the discussions and prioritization of issues relevant to PI in the "Industrie4.0@PI" working group in May 2017.

    PRODUCT Processor offers inteligent solution! - HBM has introduced its new CP52 Communication Processor (CP), which has been exclusively designed for use with the widely acclaimed MGCplus Data Acquisition System.

    Brexit British sector deal makes pharma upbeat - Despite the very real concerns of failure in the negotiations, the British pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech industries will put aside their worries tomorrow when a new 'Sector Deal' for the life sciences industries is unveiled by the government. This puts the sector in a privileged position, as it will be the first industry to be offered a bespoke deal to help it thrive post-Brexit. (

    PRODUCT LCI Junction Box. - The intelligent LCI junction box from Applied Measurements, delivers continuous enhanced load cell alarm and fault monitoring for up to 4 load cells. This instant and constant fault monitoring means problems are detected immediately, increasing production safety and limiting costly downtime.

    PRODUCT 6.4-inch TFT display module. - A new high resolution 6.4-inch TFT display module has been introduced by KOE. The TX16D201VM0BAB features XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) resolution, a 4:3 wide aspect ratio and IPS (in-plane switching) technology.

    Standards Level 2 Security Development Lifecycle Assurance certification. - The Calgary, Alberta (CDN) and Lake Forest, (CA USA) process automation product development centers of Schneider Electric have been certified by exida, the globally recognized ISO 17065 certification body.


    Bharat Naik
    Bharat Naik is new Chairman of MCAA.
    Mike Waters
    James M. (Mike) Waters will serve as Vice Chairman.

    NEWS SCADA systems for the power sector. - ABB has been named as the global market leader in SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems for the power transmission and distribution sector by ARC Advisory Group in its newly released report titled "SCADA Systems for the Electric Power Industry Market Analysis, 2016-2021."

    PRODUCT Remote access via smartphone or tablet. - eWON eCatcher is the software that eWON users utilise to establish a remote connection via an eWON router to their machine. HMS Industrial Networks has launched a mobile version of this award-winning remote access solution called eWON eCatcher Mobile. It is available for free for iOS and Android.

    PeopleHomage to my friend Dick Morley. - Walt Boyes pays tribute to his friend who died last October. "You'd think that the man who invented the floppy disk, the handheld terminal, zone building HVAC, was the father of the PLC, and created the people mover for Detroit and Disney World, among the more than 100 patents he held, would be a household name, but Dick was a surprisingly private individual who didn't really want or enjoy credit for all that, and the limelight. So names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became famous, while Dick Morley just went on inventing."

    APPLICATION Simulating the Effect of Climate Change on Agriculture. - Increased atmospheric CO2 levels and climate change are believed to contribute to extreme weather conditions, which is a major concern for many. And beyond extreme events, global warming is also predicted to affect agriculture. This paper from Edinburg Instruments say precise CO2 measurements in research greenhouses simulating climate change scenarios are required.

    PRODUCT Flow for hygienic applications. - Endress+Hauser has announced updates to its Proline 300 smart Coriolis and electromagnetic flowmeters for the hygienic industries. Their compact hygienic 316L stainless-steel housings are robust and optimized for highest reliability. Additionally, they have been designed to support an optional IP69 ingress protection rating, impervious to water ingress from high pressure wash-down.

Samhain 2017 November

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