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31/12/2008 30/11/2008 31/10/2008 30/9/2008
  • News September 2008
  • Robots for WeldingRobots 4 Welding Welding Robots
  • If you thought that engineers have a warped sense of humour An Engineering Mind from Todd who works (we think) on LabVIEW graphical programing software at National Instruments. It features many items including videos which poke fun at CERN, give dating advice for engineers, and sometimes have a few and enjoy!
  • MLS Multi -level-security
  • ISA S88 Control - Comments and musings about Control Systems and the ISA 88 standard, primarily Part 1 and Part 5, from a real control engineer, who wears a suit rarely - but sometimes!
  • SFF: Small-form-factor
31/8/2008 31/7/2008
  • News July 2008

    Reports from Siemens Automation Summit
    Day 1 - 22/7/2008; Day 2 - 23/7/2008; Day 3 - 24/7/2008;
  • FindJobsNet USA job search engines.
  • The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) a trade association representing more than 350 manufacturers of air conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration equipment.
  • BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks. BIG-EU represents European interests in the development of the BACnet norm and coordinates European BACnet activities.
  • WIKAPEDIA has a nice compact explanation of ISA and what it is about. see ISA-The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society
  • The FreePatentsOnline search engine is one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web. This search allows advanced search techniques such as word stemming, proximity searching relevancy ranking and search term weighing to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Latent semantic searching is also available, and their account features let you organize, annotate and share documents, along with other helpful work-flow features.
  • News June 2008
  • TFT Thin film transistor
  • ISA's CyberU - If self paced distance education is a better fit for your schedule, ISA has a wealth of distance learning options. You have hundreds of self directed courses to choose from in a format that meets your needs. These courses are sure to become a critical part of your technical training program!
    Honeywell Users Group America
    Control Global Live!
    Report Day 1
    Report Day 2
    Report Day 3
    June 2008
  • Managing Automation Technology solutions for progressive managers.
  • MIMO Multi input multi output
  • Security Pages from ISA
    "At any given time a company's security can be breached. Companies must be proactive in making sure networks are safe and must work daily to ensure threats are eliminated. With security threats getting more sophisticated, so should your company's security policy. Are you doing enough to protect your company?"
  • Gill Sensors - leading supplier of sensors specifically developed for harsh environments.
31/5/2008 30/4/2008
No beating about this Bush! - We don't usually stoop to politics on this site, but we are Irish and it's in the blood. We also like Jim Pinto and as a native of the most populous democracy on the globe he also enjoys a good political wrangle. So whether you support Clinton, beloved of the Irish, or O'Bama, or, perish the thought, you are a republican and support McCain, enjoy this acidic work from the pen of the Automation Laureate We think he must have some Irish blood in him somewhere as this is worthy of Jonathon Swift! Now read The Iraq War - 5-years anniversary Bush Lied or see his illustrated version on utube!
Pinto the Guru! - After all that warmongering and politics how about looking at the gentler side of Pinto!
  • News February 2008
  • Plant Engineering a magazine for plant engineering professionals responsible for the maintenance, repair, and operations of plant facilities, equipment and systems. (US)
  • is a focused website where machine builders can find information about products and systems for machinery and industrial automation, and it offers suppliers a free route to market.
  • The IDC Technologies Software Compedium - an excellent list of over 120 programs, share- and freeware. The list has been broken up into Electronics/Data Communications/Electrical Engineering/General Engineering/software utilities/Office Freeware/
  • Before you start on your studies and you feel your maths is not up to scratch then the Calculator Edge will be an invaluable resource making calculations a doddle!
  • RF Safety Another area where anxiety has been expressed is that of Radio Frequency. Pages on RF safety issues are provided by The US Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). British standards for RF and radiation safety are available on th British Standards On-Line.
31/1/2008 Archives

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