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Daily 31/12/00
  • News during December 2000
    If you want a nice place to stay in West Connemara we recomend Lough Fadda for a really warm welcoming stay in the most beautiful part of the West - well so we're told!
  • Arguably the implimentation of what has been called Part 11 is having a very critical effect on modern production and processes. One of the most fundamental changes in process industry today is the introduction of electronic documentation. In quality management treaceability is of prime importance.
  • Productivity Dialogueis a forum, sponsored by ISA for executives who either supply or apply software and hardware in manufacturing processes. It is an interactive web-site based on short discussion-provokers that are sent to participants by email.
  • MPD Microwave Product Digest serves RF and microwave design engineers, research and development engineers, application engineers and engineering managers.
  • Electrical & Electronics Technology
  • Weekly Post This is a new website for an English newspaper situated on the Costa Blanca Spain.
  • The HART Book- International guide to HART-based products and services published periodically. Includes HART technical information and product editorial. The directory within the book has details of over 500 product families from 110 vendor companies plus worldwide sources.
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics The journal of fluid power equipment and systems.
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics Links
  • News during November 2000
    A more European based optoelectronic directory is Internet Optics Pages. A Buyers Guide of over 100 categories of Optical, Photonic, Laser, Fibre Optic, Electro-optic, Optoelectronic, Imaging, Material Processing, Test & Measurement, Sources and Applied Optical Products & Systems. This also includes Components, Detectors, Cameras, Thin Film, IR Technology, Spectroscopy, Vacuum & Services to the Optics, Photonics, Imaging & Fibre Optics Industries.
  • Engineering "the world's first interactive portal website for engineering and related industries. Each of our specialised sections are aimed to promote the electronic sourcing of products, services and solutions amongst a rapidly developing global audience of professionals."
  • News during October 2000
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  • June 2000 Archived News.
    NEW WAY AROUND SITE! - We've put up a MAP as a possibly easier way to find your way around the site.
  • B&B Electronics
  • An interesting site aimed particularly at our Emigrants is The Irish Emigrant. This ePublication features news, views and its subsidiary publication The IE Professional features business, financial and academic news including jobs.
  • Net Temps "A world of Jobs neatly Packaged." Net-Temps is an employment portal targeted specifically to the contract and temporary employment markets. (US)
  • In 1990, a number of prominent members of the Systems and Control community from countries of the European Union decided to set up an organization, named The European Union Control Association (EUCA), the main purposes of which is to promote initiatives aiming at enhancing scientific exchanges, disseminating information, coordinating research networks and technology transfer in the field of Systems and Control within the Union.
  • Pro-Tech Leaders in Plastic Repair
  • May 2000 and April 2000 Archived News.
  • April Archived News.
  • The HART Book- International guide to HART-based products and services published periodically. Includes HART technical information and product editorial. The directory within the book has details of over 500 product families from 110 vendor companies plus worldwide sources.
  • The Industrial Ethernet Book - `Enhancing Automation and Internet Connectivity' which includes technical, market, fieldbus and product insights.
  • claims to provide one of the largest, high-traffic sources of employment information on the Internet for job seekers, employers and recruiters. The site currently has over 200,000 job listings that are never more than 30 days old, with salary values ranging from entry level to over $500,000, and over 200,000 current resumes. (USA)
  • March Archived News
  • The ISA Spain Section
  • China Instrument and Control Society (CIS), based in Beijing.
  • is the product of the famous Automation Control Mail List The purpose of this list or group is to foster discussion among those involved in the development and use of automation-related technologies as applied in manufacturing processes. Shared experience and knowledge in a non-promotional and technically diverse venue is the goal.
    It is administered by Ken Crater, who may be reached via email at
  • New Statistics Page -
    The counter read 28483 on 31st December 1999. We have now put in a Statistics' Page so you can see how many visitors are visiting our site week by week.
  • The Distance Learning Course Finder contains over 50,000 courses - For all of those who have been thinking, "I should further my degree or go back to school but I have no time" The Distance Learning Course Finder is here to help you make the first step.It includes a directory of over 50,000 distance learning courses from 65 countries worldwide.
  • What's on on St Patrick's Day?
  • New fieldbus resource - Henk van der Biezen former director European operations of the Fieldbus Foundation is involved in an new activity for the benefit of the end-users and covering all available fieldbus technologies today.
  • The Society of St Vincent de Paul for the poor and disadvantaged in society.
  • National Engineering Resources advertises for Instrument people. (US)
  • Comparative table - the leading Canadian automation publication Manufacturing Automation has produced an extensive table showing the technical specs, advantages/disadvantages, etc. of Profibus, DeviceNet, AS-i, SDS, Interbus and CANopen.
  • Fieldbus Portal is a useful comparison chart set up by Armin Steinhoff of STEINHOFF Automations & Feldbus-Systeme of Germany. There is also a very nice Fieldbus Classification Chart in pdf format available from this page.
  • Avila Prayer Group
  • Find useful information about the Japanese electric measuring instruments market on the Jemima Site (Japan Electric Measuring Instrument Manufacturers' Association.)
  • February Archived News

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