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Daily 31/12/03
  • December News
  • Noblitt & Rueland is a leading medical device consulting firm specializing in technical FDA & ISO regulatory issues including Quality Systems, Design Control, Software, electronic recordkeeping & regulatory consulting for FDA & Internationally regulated medical industries. They have papers and publications which can be helpful in this area.
  • Feed Forward Publications - E Book Publishers of Industrial Engineering. "Best practice maintenance, reliability, engineering and manufacturing Training."
  • Job Training Systems, Inc run many short "training programs for performance & profit," including a range on Instrumentation and Control.
  • Life a leading resource for scientific, technological and business information from IBC Life Sciences especially in the area of pharmaceutical standards like CFR Part 11.
    IBC Life Sciences has been supporting and supplying the life science industry with specialized information through its conferences and publishing products since 1987.
  • was established in 2003. This web site is designed with the Jobseeker and Employer in mind with its ease of use and multiple capabilities.
  • Elektrotechnik Automation - "Wir schreiben Automatisierung!" (We write automation!) (A Vogel publication - Germany)
  • FDA 12 CFR 11 in a Nutshell By Tim Donaldson, Marketing Manager - Iconics Inc
  • "Safety Considerations for SCADA/DCS Attacks" by Jonathan Pollet Plant Data Technologies
  • Some changes were effected to the CFR Part 11 regulations in 2003 see FDA Regulations Impact Local Businesses on ISA's site.
  • est un site spécialisé dans la publication d'informations sur les produits de haute précision et utilisés dans les milieux de la recherche et de l'industrie. ( is a website specializing in the publication of news releases about high precision technology products that are used both in research and industrial markets.)
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