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  • December 2006 News
  • Gary Mintchel's Blog - Editor In Chief Automation World
  • Automation Connections Presentations Power Point Presentations made at ISA Expo 06
  • Jim Pinto's Weblog - Though strictly not a weblog this has lots of interesting and sometimes controversial stuff to read.
  • ProSoft Blog - ProSoft Technology talks industrial automation
  • The PTO blog - to keep you abreast of PTO events and happenings almost as they happen. (ProfiBus US) You'll find some more information on exhibitions at
  • In Control - Blog about embedded electronic control systems - mantained by David Gibson, SPLat Controls
  • makes networking possible. It is where the global laboratory, analysis, biotech, chemistry and pharma industry meets.
  • M&T Newsletter the Bullitin of Information of the Measurements and Testing Generic Activity in the Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme of the European Community.
  • TeLearn, the world's first internationally available Open Archive for technology-enhanced learning. TeLearn takes research results from across Europe drawn from diverse and converging disciplines such as computer, social and education sciences and puts them in one place.
  • November 2006 News
  • - "All the top jobs in Belfast and Northern Ireland!" Northern Ireland's leading recruitment web-site, providing an excellent platform since 2000.
  • ATE (Advanced Test Engineering) now publish The BestTest Newsletter twice a month containing "the most up-to-date Test News - anywhere."
  • Talk to Me - Perspectives from ISA's InTech Editor Greg Hale.
  • Engineering Capacity Monthly for buyers of subcontract engineering services in Britain and Ireland.
  • mtec Review 2006 (Archived)
  • PlusBay is designed to be an all purpose resource for the industry. "If you are involved with inverter drives, programmable logic controllers, motion control, industrial displays, HMI, SCADA, network devices, manufacturing information systems and other shop floor devices, this is the place for you."
  • October 2006 News
  • The British Fluid Power Association (BFPI) - to promote the techincal, trade and commercial interests of British Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment.
  • Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA) - a coalition of industrial end-user companies, technology suppliers, industry organizations, software developers, system integrators, and others interested in the advancement of wireless solutions for industry.
  • New Electronics "The design cycle fortnightly!"
  • Eureka Innovative engineering design publication.
  • Free, Downloadable White Paper: "Introduction to Fieldbus" - The non-commercial "Introduction to Fieldbus" white paper, downloadable from Moore Industries, explains, in terms any engineer, technician or operator can understand, how fieldbus works. It strips away all the jargon and confusing terminology.
  • A centralised location for employers and jobseekers alike. Though this site will is essentially a North American site there is no reason with the growing globalisation of this organisation that other territories should be represented also.
  • Matisse Enzer's Glossary of Internet Terms - an invaluable resource when the nerds baffle you with jargon!

    Walt Boyes at Emerson User's Exchange! - 2nd to 4th October 2006
    Monday's Report
    Tuesday's Report
    Wednesday's Report
    Thursday, Friday and Saturday: largely taken up with workshops and short courses.

30/9/2006 31/8/2006
  • August 2006 News
  • AN-Ex. Thoughts on what's happening in the Ex field. This blog has been created to give a view of what's happening in the field of hazardous area instrument and electrical systems. Though started by MTL personnel it seems relatively unbiased.
  • The Fieldbus Center provide regional direction to the technical education needed for networking, instrumentation, and electrical technologies impacted by the advent of fieldbus networks. Based in Lee College, Baytown in Texas (US).
  • Motion Control Systems - extensive motion control product list, technical specifications and CAD drawings from Parker Hannifin
31/7/2006 30/6/2006
  • June 2006
  • M2M Automation is an Internet portal with focus on the M2M industry. It covers news, articles, press releases, surveys and other information. there are about 30.000 sessions / month and it is growing rapidly.
  • Hot Hot Topics is an e-newsletter published by Flow Research Inc to keep subscriber readers informed about the latest developments in the flow, pressure, and temperature industries.
  • The Automation Federation - an umbrella organization under which associations and societies engaged in manufacturing and process automation activities can work more effectively to fulfill their missions.
  • Process Sensors Corporation (PSC)
    - a leading manufacturer of moisture gauges and sensors, providing worldwide industries, accurate and reliable moisture measurements for quality control in manufacturing processes.
31/5/2006 30/4/2006
  • April 2006 News
  • EESITEC Technologies - Ultrasonic flow meter research and development company with international patents
  • IDC-Technologies On-line Training "We like to think of it as learning at the click of a mouse, as if the instructors were at your desk".
    IDC Technologies also provides instructor led public courses held throughout the world as well as distance learning courses using a comprehensive manual, assignments and live online video conferencing sessions with the instructor.
31/3/2006 28/2/2006 31/1/2006 Archives

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