"Tell them that I love them very much!...Look, tell them that I love them very much because I was responsible for Charismatic Renewal in Argentina, and that's why I love them very much." (30/4/2013)
'To be most useful, the charismatic movement must disappear into the life of the church'.
Cardinal L. J. Suenans
A number of members of the old CinChar List started mail lists. The one to haave survived longest is that on Yahoo.

CINCHAR Yahoo Group

More recently a map showing the location of some of the members of the list has been set up.

Map of World

CINCHAR archives up to December 2004

Pictures of some members below!
Interesting Links

Big deep breadth!

I suggest that those of you who wish to migrate to the CINCHAR Yahoo Group do so now to insure the continuity of the list.

One of the members of the list has installed a list just like that we have been used to. Realistically, I don't think I'll have time to really work on it until after Christmas. However perhaps a few of you might like to try it with me so that we can test it from the point of view of administration. (volunteers please write to me on readout@spamarrest.com or through one of the yahoo groups.

When we have fully tested it I will circularise all those on the list today - all 187 of you to give you the details. Then you may sign yourself into the list if you wish. I will also circularise the two Yahoo lists.

Obviously I'm thinking of moderating the list in the immediate future but again I would ask you to consider if I should continue in this position.

This is not the most wonderful solution but I think that we will be able to keep in touch and assure some form of continuity.

Please continue the prayers

4 Dec 2004

Since this message Eoin has agreed to continue as Moderator for the present!

A bit of History

The CinChar list was set up by the Catholic Information Network (CIN) in the mid nineties. It was one of a number of mail-lists mantained by CIN up to December 2004. This organisation has been involved in Catholic electronic evangelization since 1987 - well before any of us had heard of the internet!

The first Moderator was Fr Barry Burrus of Kentucky (US) and when he retired in 1997 his place was taken by the present moderator who is an Irish layman.

Please pray for the Moderators both past and present.

Benedict 16
Deus caritas est

Benedict XVI - 25 Jan 2006

Paul Paul VI & Catholic Charismatic Renewal
"....I'll tell you something about the Charismatic Movement ... at the end of the '70s and in the '80s, I wasn't a big fan. I used to say they confused the holy liturgy with a school of samba. I was converted when I got to know them better and saw the good they do. In this moment of the life of the church, the movements are necessary. They're a grace of the Spirit, and in general, they do much good for the church. The charismatic renewal movement isn't just about winning back a few Pentecostals, but it serves the church and its renewal." Pope Francis, 28 July 2013 on flight from Brazil to Rome

Pápa Prionsias"..You here at Mass, do you give praise to God or do you only petition God and thank God? Do you praise God? '. This is something new, new in our new spiritual life. Giving praise to God, coming out of ourselves to give praise; spending a little bit of time giving praise. But 'this Mass is so long!' If you do not praise God, you will never know the gratuity of spending time praising God, the Mass is long. But if you go with this attitude of joy, of praise to God, that is beautiful! This is what eternity will be: giving praise to God! And that will not be boring: it will be beautiful! This joy makes us free. " Pope Francis, 31 May 2013.

"What sounds full of hope throughout the universal church - and this even in the midst of the crisis that the Church is going through in the Western world - is the upsurge of new movements that no one has planned and no one called into being, but that simply emerge of their own accord from the inner vitality of the faith. What is becoming apparent in them - albeit very faintly - is something very similar to a pentecostal hour in the Church. I am thinking for instance of the Charismatic Renewal movement, the Cursillo movement, the Focolarini, Communion and Liberation, and so on... I find it marvelous that the Spirit is once more stronger than our programs and brings himself into play in an altogether different way than we had imagined.... It grows in silence. Our task - the task of the office-holders in the Church and of theologians - is to keep the door open to them, to prepare room for them..." .
Josef Card. Ratzinger- Ratzinger Report (pp. 43-44)

Icon by kind permission of Charlotte Therésè a member of the list from Swedan

"To the thirsty I will give water as a gift from the fountain of the water of life" (Rev 21:6)

Welcome to the CIN Charismatic Mail List.

The purpose of the list is to provide a forum whereby issues and topics related to the charismatic Renewal and "pentecostal" movements within the church are discussed. The list will primarily address these issues from a Catholic perspective, although others are certainly welcome to inquire and provide comments to the discussion.

Topics relevant to the discussion on this list include the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit", charismatic gifts of the Spirit, growing in "Life in the Spirit", formation and growth of "charismatic" prayer groups/communities/parishes, promoting charismatic renewal within the church, news on upcoming charismatic conferences/events/speakers, stories and personal testimonies on how the Holy Spirit has changed peoples' lives, resources available on charismatic renewal, and information on Catholic Charismatic Prayer Groups/Communities/Parishes.

In addition, participants on this list should feel free to contribute Scripture readings, prayers, words of encouragement, or other "charismatic contributions" that would help the members of this list to grow in their relationship with the Lord and one another. It might be an idea to regard this list as somthing like a prayer meeting or perhaps the time after a charismatic meeting when participants gather to talk informally, over a "cuppa", about what the Lord has and is doing in their lives, people meet and pray together, healing ministry, discuss aspects of renewal, books, tapes and videos.

Don't be afraid to ask the community to pray for your intentions, share scripture readings which have moved you or some of the extraordinary "coincidences" which the Lord has blessed into our lives. This is a real community and although we may never meet we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord and can help one another profoundly through this wonderful medium. We are a pilgrim and prophetic people - an Easter people and "Alleluia" is our song.

Finally we should remember to pray for this community and the success of the list in bringing each of the participants both vocal and silent closer to Mary's Son, Jesus Christ, Son of the Almighty Father through the Holy Spirit. May Mary, the first Charismatic, help us on the journey to proclaim the Glory of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

The normal CIN guidelines for this list apply; that is, no personal or political attacks, no blasphemy (including disrespect toward *any* religion) and no advertising.

"Let anyone who is thirsty come; let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift." (Rev 22:17)

God and Mary be with you.

Eoin O'Riain

So what is Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR)? Here is a ten minute video presentation which includes some excerpts from addresses of Popes Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI:
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Note on closing of the CINCHAR list on the CIN Service
I'm sure that you all have been praying very hard about the list.
I also have been praying and thinking about what to do.
I see that one or two of you have taken the initiative and started a Yahoo list.
I have in fact joined the Fortitude list as have some others of you.
I have not received any mails yet from the site but when I looked at the web site messages are quite readable. The advert was something about a Discovery Programme which (according to the Advert) casts doubt on the historic accuracy of the Bible. This type of advert could be confusing. (Of course it shouldn't because we regard the Bible as the Word of God not as an historical account.)
There are some nice points with the site like we can put as much or as little about ourselves, including a picture (!) which is a nice feature (IMHO).
I am also investigating the possibility of starting a non-commercial list but that will take some time.
So what can we do?
There are some logistical problems because of the time scale involved.
I will not be readily available during the next week as I will be travelling and am not sure how much contact I will have with the Cyber Universe!
I am quite willing to go with the majority decision as regards moderation of a new mail list but if you decide on me remember that I have been doing this since 1997 and maybe it is time for a fresh broom. Certainly I am willing to continue for another twelve months or so but I think that we should have a conclave soon to decide on a new person.
I have a list - which is confidential - of all those who are on the list (187 addresses!) and I can circularise all of those confidentially when a final decision is made.
In the meantime I have set up a web page which will have some information including links to any Catholic Charismatic mail lists/bulletin boards which we may like to be included.
The URL is http://read-out.net/cinchar
Finally, as I may not be around at the end of the List on Saturday I want to thank all of you individually for your understanding, patience, and above all your prayers. I wish to embrace you as brothers and sisters united together in Jesus by the grace of the Holy Spirit for the glory of the Father.
Let us never cease to praise God for that is the reason for our existence and only in praise and obedience can be found everlasting life.
The list is ending but we are not. We have had a wonderful shared experience from all parts of the world and whether or not we meet again in this life imagine the fun we will have when we CinChar brothers and sisters meet forever in the wonderful light of the Father at that "everlasting prayer meeting in the sky!"

Jesus says:

"...Set your troubled hearts at rest. Trust in God always; trust also in me. There are many dwelling places in my Father's house; if it were not so I should have told you; for I am going to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I shall come again and take you to myself, so that where I am you may also be; and you know the way I am taking.... "...I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by me...."

Sounds prophetic doesn't it? It was on the page of scripture I just opened. I was in fact looking for one of the blessings that St Paul uses at the end of some of his letters but obviously the Lord had other ideas. He also gave me Psalm 62.
If we don't meet again in this life let us look out for that dwelling marked "CinChar" in Paradise.
And remember our strength is in the JOY of the Lord.
May it never leave any of you.

Moderator Cinchar (1997-2004)
2nd December 2004

"The period following the Council scarcely seemed to live up to the hopes of John XXIII, who looked for a 'new Pentecost'. But his prayer did not go unheard. In the heart of a world desiccated by rationalistic scepticism a new experience of the Holy Spirit has come about, amounting to a worldwide renewal movement. What the New Testament describes, with reference to the charisms, as visible signs of the coming of the Spirit is no longer merely ancient, past history - this history is becoming a burning reality today." Josef Card. Ratzinger- Ratzinger Report (pp. 151)
Charismatic Renewal

Some links to assist in the study of a 20th Century Phenomenon!
Ecclesial documents and other studies.

Pope Francis & CCR

Gabriel Khouri Fonseca
Gabriel Khouri Fonseca, a long time member of the group from Brazil, being blessed by the ministers and Deacon Luis Carlos Silva of the Carmelites Messengers of the Holy Spirit. He is now into a period of formation. Let us pray for him as he is praying for us
An extraordinary testimony at World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. "What is the cross that the Lord has given me? What is the cross that he wants me to carry for his love?"
"Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her!"

Courage, ministers to those with same-sex attractions and their loved ones.
Culture of Life Institute
A US based organisation
"The culture of life means respect for nature and protection of God's work of creation. In a special way, it means respect for human life from the first moment of conception until its natural end." John Paul II - 1993